Man v fat football Oldbury wk 4 season 8

Weight loss for season up to 177.8kg
Weight loss by team
Bayern munchies 25.5kg and 0.9kg for week
Inter losing weight 19.4kg and 1.4kg for week
Ivory toast 19.7kg and 6.4kg for week
Porky blinders 32.3kg and 3.9kg for week
Real madras 51.2kg and 8.9kg for week
Snackrington Stanley 31kg loss and 3.2kg for week

Well done tonight to Mike Mitchell, daniel cox and mark Greenwell who all achieved 5% weight loss this week great progress

At week 4 we have madras on top of the overall league with 4 wins out of 4 and similarly 100% records in the scales league

Madras put the 100% scales league record on the line vs Bayern munchies who sit behind them in scales league

Next weeks sees snackrington vs inter losing weight who are level on 4 points in joint second with porkies.

Porkies and ivory toast who sit at top of pitch league clash in week 5 where weight loss efforts could be the decider

Tonight saw the first round of the weight loss pairs

Round 2 draw below

Ade WH and suky vs Steve d and ash w
Neil H and Tony vs Ash and mark
Gareth, Paul and mark vs kp, Matt and lee
Mike and Dan vs Connor and Steve m
Mark and mo vs Paul r and Sean d
Baz and Matt vs Kev and Piotr
Stu, Darryl and rich vs lee and ash

7 winning pairs plus best losing pair into
Round 3.

Weight loss top goalscorer charts well done to all

Captains shout outs for week -

All the team for Toast tonight really enjoyed the game all lost on weight and won on the pitch well done boys
Dan Cox for Snackrington, 5% and consistent weightloss
Porky blinders Gareth for his commitment and good runs and goal and doing it off the pitch with weight loss
Inter losing weight Aaron for a great debut topped off with a goal and mark for getting 5%

For madras fantastic team effort. Mike with his 5%, stu solid at the back, Daryl fantastic in goal and Geordie smashing them in