MAN v FAT Football West Bromwich League



Hi Everyone,
Just signed up for this West Brom league and it says the registration date was in January so unsure of what to do in terms of registration now and when to turn up?
Any help would be much appreciated!


Hang tight and just wait for the coach to contact you regarding when to start playing.


Hi all. Just signed up. What’s next?


Hi @danielwhittaker1982 - You just need to await for your league coach @nglover1979 to get in touch directly with you to confirm when you’ve been assigned into a team.


Hi everyone, just signed up and still don’t really know what happens next but looking forward to getting going


Strap yourself in Kiddyo, we’re in for quite a ride!


just signed up guys, looking forward to starting… what’s next?


Just signed up! not sure what happens next but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!