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Welcome MAN v FAT Footballers,

Thank you for registering for the MAN v FAT Football Wigan League this page will serve as a great place to meet your future team mates (and opposition) as well as keep up-to-date with all news and updates relevant to your league.

Your league details are:

League Name: Wigan

Registration Location: DW Stadium, Loire Drive, Wigan, WN5 0UH

Registration Date/Time: 03/09/2018 19:00

League Venue Details: Socco Dome, Stadium Way, Wigan, WN5 0UN

League Start Date/Time: 10/09/2018 19:00

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Finally be sure to introduce yourself by replying below so you can get to know your fellow league members. You will find plenty of chaps in the same situation as yourself all looking to come together to lose weight, get healthy and get back to enjoying football again.

We look forward to welcoming you at registration.

Ben Gallon

MAN v FAT League Manager


Hey there!

I’m Dave, I’m 27 and looking to get fitter. I currently attend Slimming World on a Saturday morning too but hit a rough patch at the moment. Whilst not being very good at football, I do enjoy playing it and just overall want to lose weight and get fit!


Signed up. Looking forward to it. I’m 36, a footy coach at junior level but too over weight at the moment. The kids I coach are great but they can run rings around me!


Just joined up… I want to lose some weight, love football although havent played for quite a while. Im 63 and retired… I hope im not out of place!


If i have signed & registered up for Wigan league do I still need to attends the registration at the DW on the 3rd ??


Hi looking forward to losing some weight and getting fit again. I’m 42 and not done any strenuous exercise for many years. See you all soon.


Hi signed up. Looking forward to attending just still ages away :wink: getting married a year tomorrow so all the support is needed. Loved my first pre season session Monday!


Hey Guys,

I’m Martyn (Nickname: Marv) 36 and Love Football, used to play but nothing serious. Need to get fit as my 2 year old boy is already loving being outdoors and running around. Always feel like I’ve been held back due to medical reasons (asthma and lower back pain) never made the jump to join a team.

Looking forward to the 14 weeks ahead!!


Hi all, just completed registration for the Wigan league.

Although its going to be a 30min drive each way for me I really wanted to be part of a team based session to help with my weight loss journey.

Weighed in at 21st at my heaviest around 12 months ago and am now around 19st with the aim being to continue downwards.

Looking forward to meeting some new people who are on a similar journey!

This will be my first venture back into any sort of physical activity following spinal surgery at the end of June.
I won’t bore you with the detail but I was apparently at real risk of loss of function from my waist downwards which was pretty scary!

Anyway, I am like a new man now!
Relatively pain free and raring to go!

Just wanted to add, I go away on holiday on Friday 31st August so will miss the first and second dates as the league commences (3rd & 10th Sept).
Will I be allocated a team to join the week after upon my return?
Not sure how that works…




Im 46 and last kicked a ball 16 years ago when i was 9st lighter.
looking forward to the challenge



Andy Gleaves,
Another good turn out tonight , looking forward to the wigan league starting in few weeks, registration night in 2weeks.


Just signed up tonight! Thanks for the recommendation Tom :+1:
Great to have a kickabout and see so many there tonight before the league even starts.
Could have done with this league about January time this year when I started my weight loss journey!
Been extremely overweight for the last 9 years and finally made a change this January for the sake of my health
At my heaviest last Summer I was 23stone. When I started my journey in January I was 21stone and 7lb and since then I am now down to 15stone 13lb and determined to keep it going. Hoping this keeps me on track!


Signed up for this and really looking forward to getting going.
Extremely overweight and desperately need to lose a lot, so hopefully this will help.
I’m a primary school teacher and need to get fit to be able to keep up with all the kids!
Somebody mentioned pre-season training?


Hi all, just signed up for this, 48 years old who’s most active pursuit is playing golf. I think I am looking forward to this…


Hi recently signed up. I’m 58 years old but really looking forward to taking part in Man v Fat. I want to keep fit and lose weight. Unfortunately will be away on registration night 03/09 (hope this won’t be an issue) but will be attending 10/09 onward.


Hi can anyone confirm whether training is on tonight



Hi I’m Dave,

I’m a big chap looking to loose weight, I get bored in the gym so want to do something competitive. I haven’t played football in years but use to really enjoy it. I’m coming down on my own, so hopefully I can get to know some new team mates and loose some weight at the same time


Plenty on their own mate. I am too. They are aFriendly bunch though. It’s all good.


Calling all LWFG FOR MEN Footballers. Throughout November Lose Weight Feel Great For Men will be challenging all its participants to brave the shave and grow a mo to raise funds and awareness for men health.

You can make the difference to mens health and help reduce the rates of prostate and testicular cancers and the prevalence of mental health disorders and suicidal thoughts. Men are 3 times more likely to take their own lives than women and the Wigan borough has an average higher than the national rate.

Your mo and your movements should be your conversation starter, engaging in discussions surrounding men’s health and helping to promote the wide variety of services on offer in the Wigan borough.

We are looking for as many men as possible to take part and showcase the work we can do to improve the face of men’s health.

To get involved, donate or simply see updates visit LWFG FOR MEN Mo page at mobro. co/lwfg.

Martyn Anderton


Good Morning, my name is Martin Brady and I’m 34 and I signed up this morning. Always enjoyed football when I was younger but after meeting the wife I ended up putting on a bit of weight so had to stop playing. I had a bit of a medical scare last year and have a lot of history of heart disease in the family so have decided now is the time to do something about my weight before it’s to late. Anyway not sure what happens next so if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated., I all signed up just waiting for further info, cheers.