Man v Fat Joondalup week 2

Well done guy’s, there were some great performances both on and off field, almost everyone lost weight in their first week which is very impressive! Good to see teams using the spare nets for stretching and warm up before the game, this is very important to avoid injuries.

Combined weight loss so far
After only one week we are sitting at a league-wide loss of 14.25kg, which is fantastic between only 4 teams!. There have been some awesome changes made already both physically and mentally, with many of you making lifestyle changes that will work for you in the long-term. Remember though, this isn’t a race. Weight-loss unfortunately isn’t linear, and many different factors play a role along the journey. If you’re struggling to shift some kilos, get out at night after work for a walk, reduce your portion sizes, and if all else fails then speak to me or your team-mates. There are always reasons why the weight won’t shift, and we can work it out together.

In life, sometimes less can be more. However when it comes to calories this simply isn’t the case. Our bodies need calories to fuel our every day lives, and when we add in exercise, we need even more again! It is so important to eat enough calories especially when trying to lose weight, as if you dip into too much of a calorie deficit your body will burn more muscle than fat, and will slow down your metabolism to conserve the few calories you are consuming. I’m not saying that you need to start counting your calories, but if you are feeling any of the symptoms listed in this article: then perhaps you need to eat a little more!

A common theme this week was some of you feeling as though you had a few bad days in amongst the good, which produced some concern towards your weight-loss, and some feelings of guilt. We shouldn’t be feeling this way as there is nothing to be guilty of!. Our eating cannot always be perfect, and I am a big believer that some ‘bad’ food is good for the soul and mind. As long as the bad food is a treat (1-2 x per week), it is not going to put a dent in your weight-loss, and can be just the pick-me-up you need to get through the week. Remember that your change in diet needs to be something you can sustain, and therefore needs to be something you enjoy!

Match reports
Great to see you guy’s settling in to your teams and getting used to playing in a netted goldfish bowl. Plenty of energy and enthusiasm but remember we have joined up to Man v Fat to lose weight, get healthier and have fun. Please think about this when playing the great game of soccer!

Have a successful few days before weigh in!
See you Thursday.
Coach Craig