Man v Fat Mandurah League - Season 2 Week 2

Hey everyone, solid effort on Monday night, 38.8kg down and it’s only week 2.

Most of you seem to be on the right track, Just on the wrong train :rofl:
If you ever feel like you’re struggling please don’t hesitate to ask either your teammates or myself for help. It’s been good to see that the team group chats are staying active, make sure to keep the boys updated with your own tips and tricks each week to hopefully get everyone on the same page.

Some of you have mentioned that your weight-loss has slowed down, even though your diet hasn’t changed much over the last few weeks. Hitting plateaus on the road to weight loss is common. Keep persevering – don’t be disheartened. Stick to healthy eating and exercise, and you’ll find that you’ll start losing weight again before too long. And don’t forget, your weight may be plateauing despite you still losing fat. It’s very likely that if you’ve increased your exercise, you will have gained a bit of muscle weight. Although that might not mean you’ll be hitting your 5/10%, you’re doing something incredible for your health. You’ll be moving better and feeling better, and it will show on the pitch.

Weekly Tip: How to get more out of your food labels
This was taken out of the Eat For Health Educator Guide which is an incredibly in depth document with pretty much everything you’ll ever need to know about basic nutrition.

Once again guys, make sure to enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday arvo :muscle:

Ash T