Man v Fat Mandurah League - Season 2 Week 3

Hey guys,
Thanks again for filling in for the teams with low numbers, good stuff on and off the pitch this week. Hopefully we can get a few new players to make up the numbers otherwise we may have to consider dropping the league down to 6 teams. If you know anyone else that may be interested in playing make sure to lash them an invite. The more the better.

Shout out to Steve Nolan, Brenton Sharpe, Martin Salmon, Stew McEwen and Terry McLaughlan. These blokes have all managed to lose weight three weeks in a row, each earning themselves a Hat-Trick. If you feel like you may be struggling make sure to ask these guys for advice.

Weight loss total: 45.2kg!

Losing weight and sticking to it isn’t always easy. But you’re not alone. The great part of MAN v FAT Soccer is that we’re all the same, and we’re in this together. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to your teammates or me if you need help – we’re here to lean on others when the going gets tough. There’s tons of research that shows people do better with health improvement and weight loss when they feel like they’re in it together. So, whether you need someone to check-in with you every-so-often to make sure you keep your diet in check, or if you want some advice on how to make small changes to your routine, let the guys know. That’s exactly why we have our team WhatsApp chats. And, those of you who see a teammate struggling, do the right thing, be a mate, and offer help. You’ll both benefit from it. Remember, we’re all in this together.

Make sure to keep up the good work boys, enjoy your long weekend and i’ll see you all on the 9th of March.