Man v Fat Mandurah League | Season 3

Hey Fellas, hope you’re all doing well!
It’s great to see most of you are getting back into the swing of things but for anyone finding it difficult to get back on track, don’t be afraid to ask your fellow teammates or myself for help!

Let’s recap some of the messages from the last season. First, make small changes that last – whether that’s reducing portion sizes, drinking more water, or being more active. Remember that behaviours you can sustain over the long-term are far better than short-term fixes. Then, expect bad days – we face challenges and setbacks in everything we do, and losing weights no different. Whenever you have a bad day – be it overindulging or feeling a little worse for wear the morning after a few drinks – just dust yourself off and get back on track. You’ve proved to yourselves by now that you are capable of having lots more good days than bad days. Third, make a plan. Part of preventing those bad days is to put plans into action to prevent lapsing into unhealthy behaviours. Fourth, check food labels for hidden calories – remember, some food items have more calories than you think. Read the labels or better yet, make your own meals. Fifth, keep looking for opportunities to be active in ways you enjoy, and keep focusing on getting good sleep. Finally, remember the simple equation… calories-in, calories-out – to keep losing weight, always think about that equation, and put more out than in.

Keep up the hard work boys as i can guarantee you it will pay off.

Weight loss total: 16.8kg

Enjoy the weekend and i’ll see you all on monday :call_me_hand: