MAN v FAT Soccer Cockburn – Season 1, 2020 – Week 1

What a brilliant start to the season. 32 players in attendance, and 27.5kg lost for the first week – we’re already a quarter of the way towards our league weight loss goal!

To put that in perspective, our league was third for total weight loss out of 10 leagues - only topped by two leagues with almost 60 players. Bravo chaps! Let’s keep the ball rolling…

As you guys will have noticed, you can kick arse on the pitch but in the end, victory is achieved on the scales. This is where filling out the player handbooks becomes so vital. Quite a number (well over half) of you forgot your handbooks, or left them completely blank. We can’t force you to fill them in, but it’s so helpful both for you to pick up more insight into what you’re eating, but also for you to add more value to your experience in the program by having regular check-ins with me (if you want to!).

Physical activity isn’t an ‘all or nothing’ thing – some is better than none ! I have no doubt you’ve heard the expression that 80% of weight loss is made in the kitchen, and it’s easy to demonstrate that it’s true:

We could polish off the meal above in about 3 minutes, but it would take us about thirty times as long running at about 10km/h to undo the damage, so it’s a good idea to make our job as easy as possible by clueing in to the calories we’re consuming.

That said, exercise will also help us shift the calorie balance, improve our mood, cognitive functioning, body-image, can help us feel less hungry…the list goes on, so it’s a good idea to find ways to incorporate more movement into our lives. Often we’re concerned that we have a lack of time or feel like we won’t enjoy exercise – and that’s fair enough! We’re busy people, and need to prioritize what’s important, and sometimes setting aside some good quality ‘me-time’ doesn’t rank high enough on our list – but it really should.

Plenty of you are already on top of this – trying out pilates, morning jogs, and gym sessions. There are many ways to incorporate more movement into our lives – jumping on the bike to work one day a week, walking meetings (…it is a thing, you name it!

The most important thing is that how you choose to go about losing your weight is completely up to you. I’m here as a sounding board, to give you suggestions, but I’ll never tell you what to do. That’s something for you and your team to decide on.

Recovery… A few of you mentioned some aches and pains after your run-about on the pitch. It’s always good to take a little time to aid along recovery, and here’s a great link stolen directly from our new Swan league coaches post!

Expanding the league… a few of you have raised concerns around the size of teams, and game time. From our experience, turn-out tends to drop off as the league goes on. It was amazing seeing whole teams in attendance, and if we had our way that wouldn’t change, but a reality is that work and other commitments tend to get in the way. Having said that, we are very open to the possibility of opening up two new teams (there were suggestions of running a 5-league competition, but that genuinely won’t work with the system we have). Chat to your buddies, get them to sign-up because if our league number pushes up to 48-50, we’ll be able to open two new teams. There may need to be a little shuffling about – we’ll need volunteers who are happy to move across to new teams and perhaps captain them. We’ll keep you guys posted as the numbers creep up :slight_smile:


Coach Tim :smiley: