MAN v FAT Soccer Cockburn – Season 1, 2020 – Week 4

MAN 54 - FAT 0
We’re officially halfway there, folks.

What a huge week for hat-tricks! Consistency is key, and it paid off for the Yellow Belly’s this week. Well done, Franz Degenkolbe, Brian Sinclair, Joe Falkner, Simon Walters, and Tony Cook - this week just goes to show that a match can be won outright before you even step on the pitch. Congratulations also go to Colin M and Iain Hart from the orange team, Andrew Jones, Neil Bramwell, and Kevin Porter from Back in Black, and James Roseveare and Neil Rodrick from Bleau Krew for their consistent weight loss. Remember: all you need to do is make small changes that you can sustain, and you’ll gradually lose loads. It can be 200 grams or it can be a kilo, it all counts.

5% club
A special mention also goes to Neil Rodrick - not only has he been consistent, but he actually was the first player to enter the illustrious 5% club last week! He’s the man to beat, leading the competition with 6 kilos lost on the scales, amounting to 6.85% of his body weight. If you’re looking for tips and tricks, he’s the man to talk to.

Extra game time
Many of you have mentioned wanting extra game time, and it’s been great to see many of you jumping on the opportunity of using the spare court while the first and second game is on. I would encourage you all to take as much part in this as possible - I will always be at MvF from about 5.30pm onwards, so if you want to get down early, weigh in, and then run scratch matches leading up to the first game, feel free - every little extra bit of game time will help you shed the kilos each week, and you know it’ll be doing something you love.

You can cheer on the other team while they play the second game, or you can organize a scratch re-match with the team you just played - it’ll be unsupervised, so play friendly and fair, but get in those extra steps that way.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. As ever, if you’re looking for any advice, or just want to chat - I’m available throughout the week, as is your team. One thing I’ve learned is that the teams that communicate regularly throughout the week do very well, and that’s because they (a) keep each other on track with reminders, (b) bond more closely, and © become more effective at communicating.

If you’re looking for ideas to kick-start communication, or more friendly competition within your team, maybe try any of the following:

  • Share a photo of you after your daily exercise. Challenge each other to do the same!
  • Share a recipe you cooked yourself this week - swap some ideas back and forth
  • Decide to go a week without beer, or chips, or chocolates, or sweets - you name it - and challenge the others to do the same. Up the stakes - whoever caves in buys the celebratory carton at the end of the season!

It can be useful to use devices or mechanisms to keep ourselves on track. One thing I do is use a counter app on my phone. Behaviour change can involve two things: either abstaining from an activity, or engaging in an activity, and these require very different approaches. Using a counter app (such as DayCount on iPhone) allows you to visualize how long left you have to stop drinking, or eating certain foods. Regularly checking the app, or setting reminders in your phone can keep you on track.

On the other hand, you can use a daily counter to track how many days in a row you’ve successfully done something good - like exercising for 10 or 15 minutes. You don’t need to go overboard by any stretch, but the reminders will help.

Cheers, gents. Hope you all have a lovely (healthy) weekend,
Coach Tim