MAN v FAT Soccer Cockburn – Season 1, 2020 – Week 5 - Obstacles

MAN 57 - FAT 0

This week was a bit of a slower week on the scales. Some of you have kept the progress going - congratulations to Gos and Ray from Back in Black, Niel Barker from the orange team, and Adam from Yellow Belly.

Plenty of players, unfortunately, put weight on this week, and that’s okay. I’ve been listening to your stories, and it’s clear there are a few consistent obstacles you’re facing.

Simply put, weight loss plateaus are to be expected. Even if you start strong in the first few weeks, and make some small and sustainable changes that you manage to keep going, over time, your body will adjust and you’ll find yourself expending and consuming equal amounts of energy. Sometimes, as we get accustomed to a new routine, old habits can creep back in and we find ourselves consuming more calories and spending less time on our feet and moving than we think. No stress, that’s grist for the mill - go back to the drawing board and attend to the basics. See what you’re doing (by filling out the handbook) and see what you can change. That could involve:

  • Upping the intensity in your workouts. Over time we adapt to a level of intensity of exercise, and as a result burn fewer calories. You can add distance to your runs, add higher and lower intensity intervals into your running or walking.
  • If you’re hitting the gym, or doing a home workout - change up the exercises. Hit the various muscle groups in your body from different angles - in a sense, keep your body guessing, and it’ll work hard to adapt to new challenges.
  • Rest up. Stressors and obligations can lead us to invest less time in our most valuable form of inactivity - sleep. We all know we should be getting roughly 8 hours a night, but if we’re not, that can lead us to experience more stress and, ironically, less sleep. Headspace has put together a useful fact sheet driving home the importance of sleep, and some tips on how we can get more. If we’re better rested, we have more energy to burn up moving throughout the day.

Social events and obligations
Friends from the UK, family members, and work events are unavoidable. We want to see the people we care about, and we want to make sure they have a good time - and we want to have a good time ourselves!

Unfortunately, a part of that involves going along with what the accepted (or even, expected) behaviour is - order a delicious (calorie dense) meal, have drinks while you wait for the food to arrive, then top up with a second, third, fourth glass of wine - or more. How do we navigate these situations? How do we work our way around this?

We certainly don’t want to cut off social ties. Our friends are our friends for a reason. Instead, it can be worthwhile challenging the status quo - what does socialising need to involve? Does it need to involve a heavy meal with drinks? Can you find ways to combine (relatively) healthy eating - say, a BBQ - with some beach cricket?

It’s also important for us to plan ahead: what can we do - that suits us - that will prevent us from overindulging in social settings? Here are a few tips for dealing with the temptations:

Far be it from me to suggest you go cold turkey on alcohol, but it might be useful to reflect on just what the benefits of drinking really are. Some example reasons for drinking are that alcohol is a social lubricant, it’s gives you courage, even that some alcohol is good for you. What’s certainly true is that alcohol does nothing good for our recovery and our performance. If you’re interested in finding out more about how alcohol impacts fat loss, performance improvements, and our physique, check out the podcast below:

See you all on Tuesday,
Cheers, Coach Tim :smiley: