MAN v FAT Soccer Gawler - Season 1 - Week 0 - We're Off!

Here we go for 2020! For those returning from our first season in 2019, welcome back. For those who are just beginning, welcome aboard! My name is Dan and I am the MAN v FAT league coach for Gawler. These forum posts will happen weekly, and will give you handy information that will help you on your individual journeys. If there are any topics you would like to see, please ask me and I will make sure they appear! Thursday we had our information night and it was fantastic to see both familiar and new faces alike. For those who could not make it, I am looking forward to meeting you next Thursday (13/2) and getting the process started. We had an amazing first season last year, and I am sure it will be much of the same this season!

Changing those Habits
Just from talking to you guys on Thursday night, the new fellas have been dealing with poor eating and exercise habits for a number of years, and these habits crept back in over the summer for some returning players. These habits will certainly be challenged over the next 15 weeks, and hopefully many kicked to the curb for good. But remember that weight loss isn’t a race, and trying to create sustainable eating and exercise patterns is the ultimate goal. Our biggest loser from season 1 2019 lost a whopping 22.5kg, but he didn’t change his entire routine overnight. He slowly cut out the bad foods and increased exercise over the 14 weeks and found balance throughout the program. For these first few weeks aim to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and utilise these findings to help you push on for the future. Try to think of these weeks as a transition period towards your ultimate goal. The absolute best way to lose weight (and keep it off) is to lose it gradually, and reduce intakes of things like sugar, fast-foods and alcohol at a steady pace. In this way, we can create good habits that will set you up for future success!

Let’s Get Physical
Again similar to the eating habits, many of you informed me that you had not done any structured exercise for a number of years. A word of warning; you will get sore! But don’t let this deter you, it’s a good pain, and one that will get easier with an increase in physical activity. Some of you may be asking ‘but where do I start?’. Increasing physical activity throughout the week can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of a lift or heading out for a walk after work. Last year teams were catching up on a weekly basis to train together, which is a fantastic way to not only burn extra calories, but also improve your soccer skills and build team cohesion! First and foremost this is a weight-loss/health promotion league, but why not try to win some silverware at seasons end? Spend time together, build your game-plans and work towards the end goal as a team! For more tips on winning the league, here are some gems of wisdom from captains in the UK.

Warming Up & Cooling Down
Exercise brings me to warm-ups, and whilst it’s easy to arrive to a game and start kicking the ball around, I highly advise getting warmed-up before hand. It will help to prevent injury, and allow the body to get prepared for some higher intensity exercise during the games. Maybe assign the warm-up to a different player each week to give everyone some responsibility and allow for new ideas to be passed around. For some base ideas, follow this link:
It is also important to cool down after a game, so instead of taking a seat and getting stuck into the water, grab your water bottle and just go for a light walk around the court to help the blood flow settle before stopping completely.

Final Words
Our first match night is this Thursday, 13/2. We’ve got some fantastic team names, and the fixture is as follows:
6:30 - Porky Blinders v Dynamo Chicken Kiev
7 - PSV Hangover v Red-ee 2 Lose
7:30 - Man Titty United v Chafing the Dream
Fixtures can be found at

Have a great week gentlemen, I’ll see you Thursday.
Coach Dan