MAN v FAT Soccer Gawler - Season 1 - Week 3 - Peaks and Valleys

Very much an up & down week this week! This was easily the best on-field night with two games being decided by just a single goal. Things did get a little fiery and that happens in competition, but just remember the reason we’re here and to keep those emotions in check! Other than that I think we are running very smoothly so far this year, keep it up,

Chafing the Dream 15-6 Red-ee 2 Lose
Man Titty United 7-1 Porky Blinders
PSV Hangover 2-11 Dynamo Chicken Kiev

Australia-Wide Results
I need to give a quick shoutout here. George Bisak (Chafing the Dream) finished up the week second in Australia for kg loss, and first for percentage loss! Fantastic work mate, keep up the good work!

5% Club
Two new members to the club this week. David Kauschke (Chafing the Dream) and Glen Coppin (Dynamo Chicken Kiev), well done boys! Both are new to MAN v FAT this season and have started very strongly, with Glen down 5.8kg and David 5.7kg. Awesome effort so far boys, keep up the great work.

Grant McClymont, our first 5%er for 2020

MAN 78-0 FAT
An up and down week on the scales saw you guys lose 17kg as a collective group. There were some really good weeks mixed in with some not so good weeks. It is very important to remember that weight-loss is not linear and therefore not every week is going to be a loss. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t shift right away, it just means that something needs to change to get it to shift. Weight loss is (almost) always just a case of getting yourself into a calorie deficit, and this just means shrinking portion sizes or if you’re eating is fine, exercising more! I have posted some home workouts already, but I’ll post some more in case you may have missed them. For clarity when I say shrinking portion sizes, if you are finding you are always feeling hungry then you are already eating too little. Load up the dinner plate with salad and eat as much of that as you like!

Home Workouts: 1.

Team Bonding
It’s been great to see just how well the teams are beginning to gel after the first 3 games. Each team has been improving week-on-week and there have been some wonderful passages of play. But don’t forget you aren’t limited to meeting up on Thursdays. Try and get together some time throughout the week for some additional team bonding and exercise! It doesn’t have to be a training session either; if you live a distance apart, maybe organise to meet at Mount Lofty or Morialta Falls and go for a hike. Any chance for some extra exercise is one you should take!

6:30 Porky Blinders vs Chafing the Dream
7 Dynamo Chicken Kiev vs Red-ee 2 Lose
7:30 PSV Hangover vs Man Titty United

Final Words

  1. If some of you are finding it hard to turn down particular foods, it’s probably because they are designed to be that way! The brain craves certain foods based on their fat/carbohydrate content, which funnily enough the ones are that are most calorie heavy. Here’s a great article about re-training the brain to resist these foods:
  2. Have a quick look at the MvF Top Tips this week! Awesome work from the guys at UWA.

Have a fantastic weekend guys,
Coach Dan