MAN v FAT Soccer Gawler - Season 1 - Week 4 - Steady Progress

A solid week this week. We’ve been battered with events, illness and travel the first few weeks. Here’s hoping for some much needed consistency from here on out! We are now up to 98kg lost through 4 weeks which is a fantastic result! A great week on court, with all teams looking much improved. I’ve also had many guys let me know the standard of play is much higher this year which is a credit to you all, well done.

PSV Hangover 7-11 Man Titty United
Dynamo Chicken Kiev 8-5 Red-ee 2 Lose
Porky Blinders 3-12 Chafing the Dream

5% Club
This week we welcomed a new member to the 5% Club, Joe Panfilo (PSV Hangover)! Joe is making some very consistent progress as a new participant this season, and has looked pretty good on field for an older boy! Well done Joe.

Glen Coppin

10% Club
We welcomed our first member to the 10% Club for this season Thursday night, Grant McClymont (Man Titty United)! Grant has made huge strides in the first month, and is down 11.9kg already. Grant has made a heap of changes to his lifestyle, and has most importantly been consistent with them. Well done Grant!

Some of you have spoken to me about weight loss plateaus as you feel that you’ve hit a bit of a road block in the first month. This is a completely normal part of the process as most people don’t lost 1kg every single week. There are definitely ways to bust through these plateaus, and often it is as simple as increasing the duration/intensity of your exercise, changing your eating either by reducing portion sizes or changing the food, getting enough sleep (8hrs ideally) and drinking plenty of water (2L plus). Here are a couple of handy articles about dealing with plateaus, why they may be occurring, and how important water and sleep are to weight-loss.


  1. Just a quick reminder that blokes can join at any time during the program, so if you know anyone who is interested, tell them how much fun you’re having and get them to come down and experience it for themselves. We would love to see some fresh faces out there.
  2. There has been a lot of improvement in on field play the last few weeks, with teams getting serious about their tactics. For a bit more inspiration, here’s a fun little article on formations to get the best out of your team.
  3. If you are struggling to get some exercise in, try setting some reminders on your phone that go off after you finish at work. It will get the thought in your brain before you get home and put the feet up!

6:30 Man Titty United v Dynamo Chicken Kiev (Top of the Table Clash!)
7 Chafing the Dream v PSV Hangover
7:30 Red-ee 2 Lose v Porky Blinders

Have a great long weekend boys, and try to keep the beers to a minimum!
Coach Dan