MAN v FAT Soccer Gawler - Season 1 - Week 5 - Long Weekend Woes

A great night on the field, but a tough week off it saw the weight loss slow down. In an almost carbon copy of the October long-weekend, the group struggled with exercise and food/alcohol over your 3 days off, resulting in a smaller-than-average group loss of 15kg. This isn’t a bad result, but should be a bit of a kick in the butt to get back into your normal exercise and eating regimes!

Red-ee 2 Lose 5-6 Porky Blinders
Chafing the Dream 11-5 PSV Hangover
Man Titty United 9-9 Dynamo Chicken Kiev

5% Club
We had a few new names join the club Thursday night. Congratulations to Jason Turai (Chafing the Dream), Preben Kohler (Man Titty United) and John Crawford (Dynamo Chicken Kiev). Jason is new to the program this season and has been busting his hump to reach this target, well done mate. Preben and John are experienced campaigners now, but this is a fantastic achievement nonetheless! Well done boys.

Joe Panfilo

David Kauschke

Grant McClymont

Obviously over the long weekend many of you indulged a little too much in alcohol, and these blowouts are to be expected occasionally. Having a little alcohol every now and then isn’t the end of the world. Ensuring you bounce back into normal routine is most important, and prevents any unwanted weight-gains. However, continuing to drink consistently while trying to lose weight can really slow down the process. Here are a few articles which explain why this is, and why it is important to limit alcohol consumption as much as possible. The bottom link contains a podcast about the impact of alcohol on fat loss. Pop it on in the car on the drive to/from work for an interesting listen!

Not Eating Enough
Cutting back portion sizes is the key to success for many people when trying to lose weight. Most people don’t eat poorly in terms of quality, but do eat far too much which leads to weight gain. However, cutting calories back too much can also have a negative affect. If we are not eating enough your body goes into starvation mode, and will store fat as fat is essential for survival. Your metabolism will slow down and burn calories at an incredibly slow rate to conserve as many as possible. It is very important to ensure we are supporting our bodies with enough calories to support our activity and these articles will explain why, the symptoms of undereating and some tips on how to break this cycle.


  1. Important: As it stands, STARplex and thus the MAN v FAT program will not be ceasing due to COVID-19 at this point. We have received no advice to stop from Trinity College and thus we are planning to continue on until otherwise told, but we will keep you well updated if anything changes in the near future. As I’m sure you already are, it is important to remember the hygiene guidelines advised by the Australian Department of Health:
  • washing your hands often with soap and water
  • using a tissue and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • avoiding close contact with others, such as touching

6:30 Dynamo Chicken Kiev v Porky Blinders
7 Red-ee 2 Lose v PSV Hangover
7:30 Chafing the Dream v Man Titty United

Have a great week boys, get back into those routines!
Coach Dan