Man v Fat Soccer Joondalup Season 1 Week 3

Very much an up & down week this week! About half the group lost weight and about half put on a little, but that’s OK. We have many weeks ahead to shed some kilo’s.
Some guy’s thought the final scores, when pitch score and weights were added together, were wrong this week but don’t forget you score own goals if you go above your registration weight!
Make sure you check out the other tabs when the results come through such as current league standings for weight and goals, pitch only, scale only and top scorer (biggest loser)
even if you are not winning many games your team can still be top of the scale league or you can be top of the top weight loss scorer!

Joondalup MAN 16-0 FAT
An up and down week on the scales show you guys have lost 16kg as a collective group.
Soccer skills are improving and team building is evident, well done guy’s.

Home Workouts: 1.

Final Words

  1. If some of you are finding it hard to turn down particular foods, it’s probably because they are designed to be that way! The brain craves certain foods based on their fat/carbohydrate content, which funnily enough the ones are that are most calorie heavy. Here’s a great article about re-training the brain to resist these foods:

Try to think about your eating this week, kick the bad stuff and introduce some of the good stuff. I know talking to you all you know what you should be eating but it’s not easy to do. You have only 4 days to think about it until Thursday so put in a big effort and surprise yourself on the scales! See you on Thursday 6.00pm Dark & Stormy v Sporting a Beergut and 6.30pm West Hamburgers v White Lightning.
Coach Craig