Man v Fat soccer Joondalup

Great week of weight loss lads, our league weight loss count is standing at 26.85kg – only 4 weeks in with only 4 teams in the league!
Looking like we will get our first 5%ers this week if the weight keeps coming off!
Outstanding work one and all in pushing the league’s weight loss counter higher and
higher each week. It’s fantastic seeing the transformation week by week, as guys keep coming in looking fitter and healthier all the time.
If you’re finding that things aren’t working quite as well as you’d like on
the scales, then please use the help available anytime. We’re here to help you get
the most you can out of the program.

One really important thing we’ve heard from coaches in the UK and here in AUS is that
teams that communicate well (not just on the pitch) were usually the ones who did
best across the season. Don’t be shy to share your goals, your thoughts, and your secret food recipes with your teammates. If you’ve had a good week, let them know what worked; if you had a bad week, talk about what went wrong, and share ideas to shift direction and lose
the weight. And, if you’ve got people in your team who are shedding the kilos, get
around them and celebrate just like you would for goals on the pitch.

Weekends are a challenge for many of us and one way to help you deal with events such as birthdays, work drinks, holidays, stress with the kids etc is to come up with strategies that can help you prevent over-eating or over-drinking. Prevention is the best cure, so things like filling up before an event (with healthy food!), loading up with water during meals, and taking your time to finish your food are just some ideas that can help during those more challenging moments. If this is relevant for you, maybe have a look at

Looking forward to Thursday’s games, keep up the good work with the weight loss and it’s great to see your skills, fitness and communication improving on the pitch.
Get down early and make sure to stretch and warm up before your game.
See you then and if you think you may need a crap before your game and weigh in, make sure you bring your own toilet roll as there will probably be none in the bog at Bouncers!
Coach Craig