MAN v FAT Soccer UWA Season 1, Week 14: That’s a wrap!



42 guys hitting their 5% weight loss targets.

87% of guys losing weight over the season.

And, most importantly, 515kg lost.

You’ve blown us all away with how well you’ve done, and with how committed you’ve been. You should all be immensely proud of the hard work you’ve put in over the past 14 weeks. Your determination has set the standard for all future MAN v FAT Soccer players in Australia. And despite it being Christmas party season, your weight loss showed no signs of slowing down in the last week! Our final inductees to the 5% club; Peter C, Paul T (‘Nauts), Enzo M (KFC Barca), and Daniel M (Slimsons); and joining the 10% club – Ross D (Aberdonuts), Dino S & James S (Burnley Calories), Stephan L (‘Nauts), & Dave B (Slimsons). Congratulations all. Given that this is my last post for the season, I want to acknowledge some of the incredible achievements in this league.

  • Congratulations Juggernauts on being the inaugural MAN v FAT Soccer overall champions. A tough team to beat whether it’s on the pitch or the scales, they’ve managed to win 12 out of 14 games overall, with a 7-match win streak. The ‘Nauts lads lost 85 kilos between them, and a special mention to Stephan, their skipper, for leading their team to victory getting the best out of the enigma, Ryan McG.
  • Congratulations Burnley Calories for topping the weight loss table. Every single player on Burnley Calories managed to hit their 5% target, with an incredible team total weight loss of 101kg. Special mention to the Australind trio Paul H, Dave T, and Julian V for making the four-hour round trip every week.
  • And a very well-deserved congratulations to the formidable Slimsons for topping the pitch league table with 11 wins. Not only that, but they’ve done some serious damage on the scales too, shifting just shy of 69 kilos.
  • We couldn’t forget to mention the incredible achievements of some individuals… Serge Dombrowsky won the overall weight loss trophy for losing 26.6kg, an unbelievable 22.7% of his bodyweight. And, in no particular order, other incredible performances on the scales came from Paul Harrickie (16.2%), Dave Taylor (17%), Jonathan Methley (15.4%), Peter Watts (14.9%), Clint Best (17.4%), and Adrian Pellington (18%). Great stuff, gents – we hope you’re all feeling fantastic as a result.

Now that the season’s done, I’d like to encourage all of you to just take a moment and think back to where you were and how you felt just three months ago on the night that you showed up for registration. Think about the physical changes over that time, and all the things you’ve done to make that happen – drinking less, eating healthier, finding more time to exercise… all really big things that will have done you the world of good.

I’ve been fortunate to have great conversations with almost all of you over the season, and you’ve given me an amazing appreciation into the struggles that people face in trying to manage their weight. One story that’s inspired me is Daniel B – at the start of the program, he was smoking about a pack a day. Now, he’s down to 2-3 cigs a week. It’s really encouraging to see so much effort going into cutting out some of those hard-to-lose old habits. Not only has Daniel managed to cut down on smoking, but he’s also tallied up his 5% – a huge difference from registration night.

It’s also uplifting to hear that many of you would like to stay in touch with your teams in the future. The KFC Barca boys are a great example – they talked on the closing night about how they’ve really built a strong team identity through some tough times earlier in the season. And there’s absolutely no denying they’re a formidable bunch on the pitch! We’ll likely be shuffling some players and teams about in the new season so that we can keep the opportunities for weight loss even and give guys chance to meet new people in the league. But we absolutely encourage you to keep using the WhatsApp groups, keep organising social gatherings, and to keep in touch with us over the break. The program doesn’t need to stop just because we’re on a break from the weekly action.

With UWA and Healthway’s support, and having seen what’s possible through your hard work, we’re sure that MAN v FAT Soccer will continue to expand and evolve in Australia over the next few years. We’ve really enjoyed hearing all of your feedback about how we can best do that, and I wanted to say that no matter what happens in the coming years, I genuinely don’t think there will ever be a league quite as special as this one is. You guys have all contributed in your own unique way to MAN v FAT Soccer Australia history – for that, we’re incredibly thankful, and you should be immensely proud.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to remind you that the UWA league will start again in (most likely) early February, 2019. If you’re within 2kg of your weight this week, you’ll score a goal in week 1! Looking forward to seeing you again in 2019 to get kick off a great year. I know that some of you are going to the Glory game next Friday – enjoy yourselves, you’ve earned it, and don’t forget to send me a group photo! Keep any before and after pics coming through, any one-liners of advice for future guys who might find themselves in a season 1 slump. Your pictures and stories will inspire others, and they should do the same for you, too – take the time to record them even if it’s just for your own sake. And, as ever, shoot across any thoughts or feedback to the guys anytime.

A very merry Christmas to all, and a happy and healthy new year,

Signing off for season 1, and heading over to Iceland and the UK for cold weather coach training and some intense scouting over Christmas…

Coach B.