MAN v FAT Soccer UWA, Week 10: Lets keep pushing!



Continuing to pile on the weight-loss this week in the MANvFAT Soccer League – our running total of weight lost is now 376kg ! The list of 5%ers is ever growing; congratulations this week goes to Peter C (‘nauts), & Aaron D (Waist Ham United). A good number of you are also close to joining the list; some names to look out for include (for the 5%-club) Andrew D (Burnley Calories), Dan S (Dynamo Kebabs), James T (‘nauts), Paul M (KFC Barca), Brad V & Nicholas V (Slimsons). Close to joining the 10%-Club are Chris Bates (Aberdonuts), Sean G (Dynamo Kebabs), Andrew D (‘nauts), & Dave B (Slimsons). Looking forward to them joining the individual clubs next week! Well done, gentlemen! Our current front-runner for the league is none other than Serge D (Clockwork Orange), who has lost 15.3% (17.95kg) from his registration weight! Hot on his tails though is Johnathan M (Dynamo Kebabs), who just might break the magic 15% next week! Really amazing effort, lads!

Special shout-out goes to team KFC Barca – they have been riddled with troubling HR issues most of the season, but they are now starting to turn things around with a marked increase in team weight-loss! Give these boys a pat on the back the next time you see them J.

Four more weeks… In the last few weeks, I have noticed that some of you have picked up annoying injuries. In trying to continue our weight-loss rampage for the remaining four weeks, this week we are going to focus on injury prevention. We obviously want you to avoid injury so that you can enjoy your Wednesday night games and remain active at other times.

One of the things you can do is to perform injury prevention exercises (i.e., prehab). Soccer players are typically vulnerable to injuries such as sprained ankles and hamstring strains. To prevent injury, it’s important to exercise in order to strengthen the right muscles. Single leg exercises, such as the single leg glute bridge or the arabesque, are useful. These are simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home–or even office–in a short amount of time. Check out these links on how to perform these exercises (and a few others), and/or have a chat with myself or Max next week (we’d be happy to demonstrate a few useful exercises):,

Stretching is another activity that is great for injury prevention. Tight calves, quads, and hips are recipes for torn and strained muscles. Make sure you stretch (especially after matches) to increase your range of movement and speed your recovery along. Try the stretches in these links to help you reduce your injury risk and start doing them while you have your match debriefs!,

Let’s minimise the injuries as we get through the final few weeks of the season!

Secret Recipes… Starting off this new segment of the weekly post, I have decided to share with you one of the recipes that is both flavourful and at the same time still staying on track with the weight-loss. Frittatas are an awesome way for you to get your protein, fibre and carbs, and have little fat (depending on what you choose to put in the frittata of course…). You can use this basic broccoli frittata recipe as a base ( and add in veggies that you like! Keeps you full, tastes good, and good with calories. Give the frittata a try and let me know what you think!

Share your advice… This week we are sharing a line from Dino S (Burnley Calories) with his top tip – making those lifestyle changes!

“Park on the other side of campus/work to force yourself to walk that little bit extra during work”

In addition to the usual call for one-liners, do send us your favourite food recipe for weight-loss and we can share it with the rest of the league.

Looking forward to Matchday 11! Firing up the pitch at 6:30pm will be Waist Ham United looking to challenge the current leader, Juggernauts. Remember to stretch and start preparing your body for the last few weeks in the season. Have an excellent week lads!

Coach B