MAN v FAT Soccer UWA, Week 12: T-Minus Two Weeks and Counting



Kilo by kilo we’re inching towards what’s no doubt going to be a nail-biting league finish! Our league total weight loss is now up to 456kg! I’ve no doubt that we can finish strong and smash past 500 by the end!

Congratulations to our latest inductees to the 5% hall of fame–Andrew D (Burnley Cal) and Dan S (Dynamo Kebabs), and congratulations to the new 10%ers—Julian V (Burnley Cal), Ryan M, and Andrew D (‘nauts). It’s terrific to see these lists growing each week. Several of you are still closing in on your milestones; let’s get a strong finish from everyone.

A special, and well deserved, shout-out goes to KFC Barca. They’ve had a rocky start to the season, being unable to field a full team. They’ve managed to break their streak and secure a win, which is exactly the kind of determination and dedication that this league is all about!

Amazingly, Burnley Calories are closing in on scoring a century – they’ve lost 88kg between 10 men (to put that in perspective, they’ve lost the weight of an entire Australian man and then some!). They have been really supportive of each other throughout this season, and it’s paid off on the scales.

Getting ready for the transition… As the end of the season approaches, it’s important to remember that the weight-loss journey isn’t over. As many of you have mentioned, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations (and the absence of the incentive to keep losing weight) will pose a number of challenges for you. Further, it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep losing without an established goal (e.g., a 15% weight loss goal).

For those of you who decide to continue in the next season, we’re going to offer the opportunity to score a weight loss goal if you stay within 2kg of your Week 14 weight! We think that’s fair – it gives you a little leeway over the holidays because you deserve to treat yourselves after the hard work you’ve put in. That said, you don’t want to undo that all work, so it would be best if you can integrate some of those new behaviours you’ve adopted into your lifestyle. I don’t know about you, but I find that making healthy choices (although, in the short-term, can feel a little ‘boring’) are far more satisfying week in, week out. The satisfaction from being able to commit yourself to a long-term goal far outweighs the benefits of immediate gratification (such as that extra helping of roast, that last glass of wine). As we mentioned earlier in the season, research on self-control has often been compared to a muscle and you’ve been ‘hitting the gym’ all season. Keep flexing those muscles!

A great idea to keep the weight off is to set some new goals over the break (and a great one is to stay the same weight!). There will be approximately 2.5 months between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2. What are some smart, measureable, achievable, realistic and time appropriate goals you can set? You also don’t need to go it alone—your teammates very likely want the same thing (to keep the weight off).

There are many resources on goal-setting online, but the gist is quite simple. What goals would you like to achieve? What’s the reality right now? What’s getting in the way? What are the options moving forward? What small changes , daily or weekly, would need to take place in order to achieve your goal?

Once you’ve answered those questions, you’ll know the way forward – GROW.

Tim: The MAN v FAT community…

Another part of the transition moving forward is the establishment of a larger MAN v FAT community. I’ve made a Facebook group for it – for us – for anyone who is interested in losing weight, and learning from likeminded people. I encourage all of you to join it (and anyone who is interested!) at the link below J

Share your advice… This week’s top tip comes from Julian V (Burnley Calories) – take control!

“Take control. Take your own healthy lunch to work. You then take yourself out of the ‘fast food situations’ and you start to ‘take control’ of your eating habits”

Still calling for more one-liners and recipes for weight-loss that we can share with the rest of the league! Send them over now to secure your minute of fame on the last two posts!

Coach B and Tim