MAN v FAT Soccer UWA, Week 13: The Last Push



MAN v FAT Soccer UWA, Week 13: The Last Push…

One week to go, and with the league weight loss sitting at a massive 473kg, you’re really close to tipping over the 500kg mark by the end of the season – an unbelievable effort all round! A huge shout out to our latest inductees to the 5% club —Paul M & Daniel B (Burnley), Fahmy H (Clockwork), and James T (‘nauts). It’s terrific to see these accomplishments in the last few weeks of the league – it shows a great level of commitment, and shows that you’re not slowing down – well done, gents.

Putting it all together… The first guys in Australia to play MAN v FAT Soccer, and you’ve left us all open-mouthed with your success. Throughout this season we’ve been sharing different tips and ideas to help you along on your weight-loss journey, and you’ve been doing the same. In our last week, I thought it would be nice just to recap some of the key things that we’ve learned over the season…

  • Make small changes that last – Whether it’s reducing portion sizes, drinking more water, or being more active. Remember that behaviours you can sustain over the long-term are far better than short-term temporary fixes.
  • Expect bad days – We face challenges and setbacks in everything we do – and losing weight is no different. Whenever you have a bad day – be it overindulging or feeling a little worse for wear the morning after a few drinks, just dust yourself off and get back on track. You’ve proved to yourselves by now that you are capable of having lots more good days than bad days.
  • Plan – Part of preventing those bad days is to put plans into action to prevent lapsing into unhealthy behaviours. As Michael Buble reminds us at this time every year, it’s beginning to look at least a bit like Christmas, and so it might be worth thinking about how you can keep weight off or (at least) minimise the weight gain over this month. Remember: if you’re within 2kg of your end-of-season weight when you come back next season, you’ll score a goal in your first week back on the pitch in season 2!
  • Check food labels for hidden calories – Remember, some food items have more calories than you think. Read the labels or better yet, make your own meals.
  • Keep getting enough shut eye – Sleep keeps us functioning, and keeps the weight off.
  • Calories-in, calories-out – to keep losing weight, always think about that equation, and put more out than in.
  • GOALS – Set some S.M.A.R.T . goals for after the season has ended.

I’ll use next week’s post as a chance for a wrap up, a thank you, and to send some positive Christmas messages, but just wanted to use this week’s post to recap those important tips. There are loads more that you’ve shared and that have worked for you all, so if you’ve found something that works for you, just keep on doing it.

Share your advice… This week’s top tip comes from Dave T (Burnley Calories)…

“Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard. Choose your hard!”

Just a final call for your one-liners and any recipes for weight-loss that we can share with the rest of the league! Send them over now and your legacy will remain on the forum!

Can’t wait to see everyone for a celebration and the last round of matches on Wednesday.

Coach B



A few quick bits of info for the final night…

  • We’ll be playing on James Oval (red circle on the map below) due to Riley Oval being used for parking.
  • After each game finishes, you’re welcome to head on over to the Watersports Complex (where we held the registration night session, yellow circle on the map below) for a couple of (low-carb) beers! We will provide a few cartons of beer, all we ask for is a gold coin donation to offset some of the costs J
  • You are also welcome to BYO drinks, and we encourage each of the teams to put together some food and nibbles for your team if you’d like. Our budget will only stretch to us providing a few drinks for the evening – apologies.
  • The final game finishes at 8.30, so we plan to have a relatively informal presentation of the Top Team Trophy and Biggest Loser Trophy straight afterwards in the Watersports Complex.
  • If you intend on having a few beers to celebrate your success, then please, please, please make arrangements for transport that don’t involve you getting behind the wheel. We’ve got so much to celebrate and be proud of at the end of this first season, but we really don’t want it to be ruined for anyone by something dumb like that, so please do make plans so that you don’t have to drive.
  • The venue is booked until 10pm, at which time we’ll get kicked out by Uni security. But, you’re of course all welcome to head out and keep the celebrations rolling! You’ve earned it after all the hard work you’ve put in over the season.
  • Don’t forget to join our Facebook group!: