**MAN v FAT Soccer UWA – Week 4 – Two grown men gone, more to come!**



UWA Galacticos, it was another excellent week. It was fantastic to see all of you making the effort to be there, weigh in, and give 110% on the pitch.

This week, MAN 18 – 0 FAT … Another good week of weight loss puts our league weight loss count at an amazing 187kg – only 4 weeks in, and that’s already the weight of two grown men that you’ve collectively lost (ahead of last season as well)! This week two men battled the odds of the long weekend to join our list of 5%ers, a well-deserved shout-out goes to Joe O (Beercelona) and Nick V (Jaffas) Give them a pat on the back next week, and if you want to hear what they’ve been doing to achieve their weight-loss target over a long weekend, then take the time to ask what’s been working so well for them.

And don’t forget, although we don’t want to be too prescriptive with our advice, I’m always here to provide as much weight loss help as you want – if you’re finding that things aren’t working quite as well as you’d like on the scales, then please use the help available anytime. We’re here to help you get the most you can out of the program.

Teamwork… One really important thing we’ve heard from coaches in the UK is that teams that communicate well (not just on the pitch) were usually the ones who did best across the season. The same seems to be starting to happen here at UWA, too. Don’t be shy to share your goals, your thoughts, and your secret food recipes with your teammates. If you’ve had a good week, let them know what worked; if you had a bad week, talk about what went wrong, and share ideas to shift direction and lose the weight. And, if you’ve got people in your team who are shedding the kilos, get around them and celebrate just like you would for goals on the pitch.

Formations… As we get settled into the matches by this point in the season, I’ve heard lots of talk about formations and tactics. For those who want a bit of inspiration for next week, here’s a link from the main site that might help you out: https://manvfat.com/the-best-6-a-side-formations-essential-guide/

Cravings … This week’s challenge for many was navigating through the beer and junk food on offer around the long weekend. We don’t want your weight loss journey to make you into a hermit who avoids social situations, so one way to help you deal with those events (birthdays, work drinks, holidays, stress with the kids!) is to come up with strategies that can help you prevent over-eating or over-drinking. Prevention is the best cure, so things like filling up before an event (with healthy food!), loading up with water during meals, and taking your time to finish your food are just some ideas that can help during those more challenging moments. If this is relevant for you, maybe have a look at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/10-tips-for-eating-healthy-at-parties_b_7215900.

Exciting match-ups ahead of us in Matchday 5 – Jaffas and Apex Predators kick things off at 6:30. We round things off at 8pm with Hardly Athletic FC going against Beercelona. The forecast for Wednesday is looking good, so feel free to come on down for a warm up (taking it easy if you’re injured), to watch the matches, and get yourselves ready for a big game.

Have a great week lads!

Coach B