Hi All,

Congratulations on another amazing last few weeks.

Firstly I just wanted to start this forum post providing some clarifications on the rules. I cant attach the link on this forum post, but the link will be sent out to ALL group chats, so please ensure that everyone on your team is in the group.

If you have any further questions, as well as any issues regarding the rules or refereeing, please can you either speak to me directly or message me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

Although it may be frustrating, it is very important that we respect all involved (including referees) in this program. We may not always agree with decisions or each other but respect amongst all participants will ensure the program’s success. These rules WILL be enforced in the coming weeks, so make sure you understand all of them.


Unfortunately, the soccer (football) club has first priority on the pitches and has booked all four until 6:55pm (personally I think they’re feeling slightly intimidated by the skill level on show in our warm-ups). Because of this, all warm-ups will have to be done off the pitches. Our new meeting point will be near the carpark on the grass outside of the pitch (same place as this week for those who were at this week’s game). I will be doing the weigh ins and ticking you all off there prior to the first game and will ensure goals are set up on the grass. If you arrive later than 7pm, we will be at the benches on the game pitch. Please do not go on the pitch prior to 7pm. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but hopefully this new system will work just as well. :blush:

Congratulations and results

Firstly, to the major winners we have had so far.

A massive congratulations to the following players on their weight loss achievements:

  • Terry Hunter , Blue Balls – HATTRICK
  • Zayd Alexander , Blue Balls – HATTRICK
  • Clifford Robert , Class on Grass – HATTRICK
  • Darren Woulfe , Class on Grass – HATTRICK
  • Dean Camaratta , Class on Grass – both a HATTRICK and 5% WEIGHTLOSS in the same week!
  • Luke Watson , Class on Grass – 5% WEIGHTLOSS and a HATTRICK the following week
  • Steven Monks , Class on Grass – HATTRICK
  • Gareth Clelland , Farcelona – HATTRICK
  • Matthew Cleary , Farcelona – HATTRICK
  • Ben Symmons , Norfolk and Chance – HATTRICK
  • Harley Moore , Norfolk and Chance – HATTRICK
  • Michael Drinkwater , Norfolk and Chance – HATTRICK and 5% WEIGHLOSS in the same week!
  • Todd Albrecht , Norfolk and Chance – HATTRICK
  • Vernon Bailey , Norfolk and Chance – HATTRICK

Congratulations lads on your progress so far. With these individual results, we are seeing amazing results from the group as a collective. Looking at the amount of weight loss only , the team ladder looks a bit like this.

In fourth place, losing a total of 11kg is BLUE BALLS .

In third place, losing a total of 14.99kg is FARCELONA .

In second place, losing a total of 25.05kg is CLASS ON GRASS .

And topping the weight loss ladder is NORFOLK AND CHANCE who have lost a total of 26.75kg .

With the individual and team weight loss, the overall weight lost by each and every one of you ranks up to a whopping total of 77.79kg !! That’s a whole SERGIO AGUERO!

Well done to everyone for this massive achievement.

Week 5 Fixtures



Preventing Injuries and losing weight affectively.

I just want to remind everyone of the importance of stretching before and after games. I am starting to sound like a bit of an old record now but stretching is so important to minimise the chances of injuries and can help with game recovery. I recommend prior to the game, go for a short jog, before stretching all of your main muscle groups (as I previously touched on in a past forum post). Please do not hesitate to ask me for help or what stretch would be most useful for a particular body part. This weight loss journey is only going to work if you can play futsal, which you can’t do with an injury so PLEASE STRETCH before and after!

I recently started studying at university and one of my units is Health, Food and Nutrition, so throughout the next few weeks I hopefully will be able to answer a lot more questions regarding this topic.

Why do you choose to eat the foods you eat? Is it because of flavour preference? Convenience? Comfort?

A great assistant for your weight loss journey can be working out how or why you are choosing what to consume. Whilst it is not always an easy choice, it is a choice what we decide to eat as part of our daily eating habits. There are endless amounts of ways that we can make healthier dietary changes to our lifestyle, which will benefit us in the long run.

Finally I just want to thank you all for the first few weeks and allowing me to figure everything out. You are all a great group of lads and I’m excited to watch your weight loss journey over the next 10 weeks.

If you have any suggestions for the weekly forum posts or how game days run in general, along with any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s my role to make sure you all have a great time and that the program runs smoothly, and as a first timer, feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Hope you all have an amazing week, and I’ll see you all Tuesday (outside the pitch on the grass right next to the carpark).

Mykaela :blush:

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