Man V Fat SWAN LEAGUE Week One

Hi All,

I just want to start off by officially welcoming you all to the Man V Fat Program and congratulating you all on a successful first week. Before I get into this week’s biggest losers and final team scores, here is some useful information to keep in mind for the season.

Game Day Goals and Weight Goals, and How They Work

Bonus Scores:

You want/need some additional motivation? On match day the goals scored by the team are combined with the team’s individual weight scores. These weight scores are:

0.5 goal point to be added to the team’s match score per individual on the team who lost weight

If one individual player has lost weight three weeks in a row, this is known as a HAT TRICK and adds 1 bonus goal to their team.

If a player has a 5% or 10% weight loss , a bonus of 3 goals is added to the team’s final score

For instance a player from “Team A” loses 5% of their body weight, after losing weight 3 weeks in a row, the player adds a 0.5 goal for losing weight that week, 3 goals for losing 5% of their body weight AND 1 goal bonus for their HAT TRICK totalling 4.5 additional goals for the team (on top of those scored on the pitch).


We can’t just reward the good stuff, so to keep you all motivated we have some deductions, which include:

A YELLOW CARD – if an individual player has not brought their booklet, any weight scores achieved DO NOT COUNT

An OWN GOAL – if an individual player has gained weight , 1 goal is subtracted from the team score.

I hope this may clarify the rules and goal-scoring system for you guys, but please if you have any issues regarding anything to do with entered weights or overall points, please message me on WhatsApp so I can look into it and if necessary fix it as soon as possible.


Now that that’s out of the way, a massive congratulations to you all on an amazing first week. Our total weight loss for this week came to a whopping 25.97kg , or roughly the weight of the Premier League Trophy (25.4kg) with a Liverpool scarf wrapped around it :slight_smile: (FYI, I don’t know that much about it for you to get upset at that comment)

Congratulations to every individual who lost weight this week. The hard effort you guys are putting in is already showing and will hopefully continue in the weeks to come.

To those who struggled to lose weight or gained weight, IT’S OKAY. Everyone within this program has taken a massive step in signing up, which is to be commended. Results may not show up this week or the next, but I have no doubt by the end of the season you’re all going to see huge improvements. Remember you get out of it what you’re prepared to put into it. If anyone has any questions regarding anything from assistance in losing weight or why you may be gaining weight, please send me a WhatsApp message. You can do this privately if you feel more comfortable or see me after the games on Tuesdays for more in-depth queries/advice. As a general rule I will be at the hub for a bit of time after the matches have concluded. The role I have as your coach is to help you guys get/stay healthy and lose weight, so please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.

Our Biggest Losers

Our Biggest Losers of the week from each team are:

Blue Balls – Ben Adams, -3.05kgs

Class on Grass – Luke Watson, -3.90kgs (the biggest loss of the week, congratulations)

Farcelona – Matthew Cleary, -2.10kgs

Norfolk & Chance – Todd Albrecht, -3.45kgs.

Congratulations lads, you should be extremely proud of your effort. I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks, celebrating all achievements whether big or small and getting to know you all a bit better.


Some of you might still be sore from sprinting around the pitch on Tuesday night and are still trying to recover. Doing some light stretching won’t only aid you in recovery, but also prevent future injuries. The main muscles to focus on would be your quads (thighs), hamstrings (back of legs) and calves. I have attached a link for some stretches that are helpful for these muscles.

To try and prevent injuries, please do take care by making sure you continue to warm up properly before games and with some stretching after a game. Think about the long term goal and make sure you keep within your own limits. Getting injured and being unable to participate will restrict your progression.

As a side note, there have been a few queries regarding the use of the pitches for your training sessions, which is an amazing initiative. The pitches are available throughout the week for public use so you are free to use them whenever you guys can all organise a day and get together. I don’t know when the pitches are being used by the Soccer Club, but if they are free you are all more than welcome to use them. Just be made aware however that the small goals and futsal balls that we use for match night are unavailable without staff as they are locked away. There are the normal soccer goals which will always be up and ready to use.


Our fixtures for next week are:



Just remember to wear your team colour (shirt is the best option) and to arrive roughly 30 minutes prior to the game for weigh ins. We will be conducting weigh ins where we did last week, on the far side of the pitch near the seats.

Every week I’ll be asking the group one or two questions, regarding all things Futsal/Soccer and about your personal experiences on this journey. It is completely optional and you can answer them in as much or as little detail as you want. If you are comfortable sharing your story for both the Man V Fat and Ellenbrook Sports Hub promotional pages, please send me through a WhatsApp message. This week’s question is:

Why did you sign up for Man V Fat and what are some goals you would like to achieve through the program?

Great job out there and I hope everyone’s looking forward to the upcoming season.


Mykaela :blush:

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