Man v Fat UK National 11's Tournament - Roger Izzard Memorial Trophy

Man v Fat National 11’s Tournament
July 2021 - June 20222

So, we are getting ever closer to the start date of the National tournament in the UK, games will start on or after 1st July 2021.
Not sure which attempt number we are on for this but it seems like I have been trying to organise this forever. Hopefully, fingers (and everything else) crossed, we get it started this time.
Teams have until the end of March to confirm their interest, after which all information will be issued related to the tournament, groups, procedures, rules etc… Currently we are on 47 teams representing 46 Man v Fat leagues across the country.
If you run an 11’s team, or know the individuals that do, and you want to get involved in the tournament, then please get in touch as soon as you can.
If you are a player form a league you may already have an 11’s team entered so speak to your coach or look on FB to find out who is running it
If you have any questions about how it is going to work and what you need to do then contact me so I can let you know anything that you are unsure of.