Man v Fat (Unofficial) Inaugural 11 a-side Football League Competition

Man v Fat 11 a-side competition
We are trying to set up a nationwide Man v Fat 11 a-side competition which we are hoping to start in July 2020. The competition will be made up of regional group stages, where you will play each team twice, home and away, and at the end of the group games, the group winners, runners up and 12 teams with the best runners up records will qualify for the second stage.
The second stage, where possible will also we regional, based on which teams qualify.
At the end of the competition year there will be a national final at a venue to be decided
Anyway, what we are looking for is for teams that want to get involved to go onto facebook and join the 11 a-side group(link below). We need to know who will be the point of contact for your team, this is the person that we will contact related to anything to do with the tournament, details regarding fixtures, results, disciplinary matters etc…
So far we have 35 teams that have provided details but there is still some way to go before we can think about getting the first phase planned
We would like everyone’s details in as soon as possible so we can then look at the groups to make sure that they are set up as fairly as possible and that we have as many teams involved as we can
The group is also used at the moment to arrange games between the various sites and there is plenty of teams out there to play. This will give your teams chance to get some games under your belts and get ready for the tournament starting next year
If you have any questions then please get in touch, either through this post or on facebook.

Very interested. Lambeth London