MAN v FAT Vic Park - Week 0: Let's Play, Let's lose some fat!

Week 0: Let’s Play, Let’s Lose Some Fat

I just wanted to congratulate and thank you all again for taking the first step and joining the inaugural Aussie MAN v FAT league – it was great to meet you on Tuesday night. For the few of you who couldn’t make it, no worries at all – I’ll see you for Matchday 1 next Tuesday evening (10th September). As I mentioned on Tuesday, I’m your league weight loss coach, so I’m here to support you all in whatever way I can across the season (both in Football and in Fitness).

[Administration] So, we’re around 48 hours into the program, and I’ve since updated the initial measurements online (I believe you can view them on the website as well? Let me know if you can’t). I’ve also managed to sort players into teams and like we mentioned on Tuesday, there’ll be more players joining us throughout the season so please make them feel welcome!

[Health Tips!] We’re not expecting (or encouraging) huge changes to your lifestyle from day 1. Healthy weight loss is a gradual thing – don’t starve yourself or stop drinking water just to shed a few kilos. Try to think of the next few weeks as the start of a transition to a healthier you, and use that time to work out what works for you and what doesn’t. Making small and sustainable changes that you can build on over time is the way to go. Remember, ANY weight loss week-by-week scores you off-pitch goals for your team, so you don’t need to go crazy this (or any other) week. Remember, too, to keep track of the changes in your handbook – that way you can make sure your off-pitch goals actually get counted, and we can use it to have a quick chat at weigh-in each week.

[Soccer Tips!] If you would like to improve your soccer skills on pitch, a lot of training is done off the pitch and it can be as simple as moving around the house with a soccer ball! This trains your close control and it definitely builds an interesting relationship between you and the ball. I watched a documentary of Lionel Messi and his road to success, which started from him just kicking his soccer ball everywhere that he went! If you have space in your backyard, it’s always worth doing a bit of keepie-uppies every day. Challenge yourself and try to get more each day!

Health checks and help… For anyone who might be unsure about being active and getting through some game time, please do take the time to check in with your GP. And, as we mentioned at registration, there are a lots of people working to help you lose weight and get the most out of the program. Please reach out to me, Tim (on WhatsApp, email, or the forums), Ben (on WhatsApp and by email) and the wider MAN v FAT community (on the forums) any time. There’s so much handy info on the forums, so have a look around when you get a bit of spare time, and please start to post about the Aussie league!

No I in team… The last thing we’d encourage, this week and across the season, is to take the time to get to know all of your teammates, and to use them for ideas, support, advice, and most importantly, because we hope you can make some really good new mates out of the program. After all, the reason we’re all here is to try to win the league – and you’ll need your teammates for that! With that in mind, I’ll leave you with this advice from league-winning captains in the UK…

Have a great weekend guys – we’re up and running, let’s show the UK how it’s done!

Coach Darryl