Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 1: What A Great Start!

The season has kicked off! Really well done to the boys that came down to kickstart the season, it was great seeing most of you in action for your teams.

Ref has the final say… I understand that sometimes the referee can miss making the most obvious foul calls, but ultimately we are all human, referee has the final say. This is not Champions League nor is it a league that pays you to play, it’s all in the name of fun and fat-shaving so let’s all be a little bit more understanding with each other…including the referee! At the end of the night, I’ll actually give the referee a bit of feedback on his performance but also just certain things to look out for. If you’ve got any concerns or feedback please do not hesitate to flick it my way!

Recovery… There were one or two pulls and tweaks this week, and I know some of you will be sore this weekend. Remember POLICE – Protect, Optimal Load, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Keep up the great work with your teammates on matchdays by warming up properly as a team. And, to help avoid those calf and hamstring pulls, try to do whatever you can to keep your muscles active during the week; a walk, a light jog a couple times a week, a gentle kick around with your teammates or other friends – try to keep those muscles loose for game night.

Weight Loss!

Look at the amount of weight we managed to shave! Kudos to the black team for achieving the most weight loss! Again, it is just the first week (as many of you have mentioned to me), but let’s take one step at a time and celebrate the small wins! I think most of you are heading in the right direction of decreasing portion size and reducing the amount of carbohydrates in your meals. One thing that I might add is do this moderately as a sudden decrease in your usual macros would be detrimental to your health and it defeats the purpose of your good intentions! Other than that, squeezing in daily workout routines could be a good start for many of you as well!

That’s all I have for this week, looking forward to another cracking match night next Tuesday! Don’t forget to record down all your meals and bring your logbooks for next week!

Coach Darryl