Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 10: It's Now or Never!

We’ve hit the double digits guys! WEEK 10, can you even believe that?! 10 whole weeks and we’ve seen some incredible weight loss, some changes in lifestyle and maybe some life-long friendships forming. I often think that Man V Fat is more than just soccer or weight loss, it’s…life and I hope some of you see where I’m coming from.

Again, I want to reinforce and highlight the importance of helping other teams out. I think everyone recognises that we are in a period where a lot of players are away on holiday or have picked up a significant injury that sidelined themselves for a couple of weeks, so the additional numbers/substitutes really do go a long way! Well done to the players that have volunteered to clock in the extra minutes and the willingness to burn the extra calories by helping to fill in numbers for teams that aren’t your own. I really love seeing the camaraderie between each other and play honest football!

Weight Loss Tips This week’s article talks about a prevalent subject in our world today. To be honest, I didn’t know much about it until I started university here in Australia. Mental Health is one of those topics that are often avoided because it can be perceived as “taboo” or for a lack of a better word, not “masculine” enough. However, let me assure you that it is more than ok to talk about it and seek help when you feel the need to. Please do check it out if you can spare a couple of minutes!

Weight Loss

Current standings still illustrate that Bull Dozers (Yellow) have a firm lead in terms of weight loss, lets see if the rest of the league can catch up to them!

Hatrick Heroes I think for the first time ever, we’ve got a hatrick hero from every team! WHOOP WHOOP! It might be a coincidence or a calculated strategy, but I just want to congratulate each and every one of the players that scored a hatrick this week!

  • 1 2 Many Darryls (White) - Graeme Monks.

  • Bull Dozers (Yellow) - Ben Adams, Derek Crumpsty.

  • Code Blue (Blue) - Damon Atthowe.

  • Black Sabbath F.C. (Black) - Paul Mason.

  • Distant Waterways (Red) - Dave Wooton, Tony Palmer.

  • Green Machine (Green) - Matthew Drew.

Well done boys, let’s try to keep this unique occurrence a regular thing each week hey!

End Of Year Extravaganza :partying_face: For those who were dying to see me unleash my inner-Ronaldo&Messi, this is the time! I’ll be playing in the Man V Fat staff team and we’re hoping to face some of the very best from the Vic Park League! Just to recap the details:

  • WHEN - 18th of December, 6.15pm to 7.45pm (TBC)
  • WHERE - UWA Riley Oval
  • WHY - Social games, Mark Lee (former Perth Glory player) will be present at the event, see Darryl’s skills, what other reasons do you need???
  • HOW - sign your team of 6 up by emailing the names to and our Coordinator, Brian, will be in touch. Please make sure all blokes are able to commit as pulling a team out will mess up the roster and it’ll be an administrative nightmare!

GOAL OF THE SEASON CONTENDER A special shoutout to Mr Carl Mousley from Green Machine (Green) with an outrageous looping bicycle kick that went to the top right corner. Not sure if we’ll be doing a “Goal Of The Season”, but for starters, this one would be right up there!

That’s it for me this week, it’s been a hot week and I think it’s about to get a bit hotter next week as well. So stay cool, stay hydrated but make the most out of this weather by going to the beach and playing a bit of beach soccer maybe? See you guys next week for Match Night Week 11!

Coach Darryl