Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 12: Strategic Substitution!

Last two games left gentlemen! At this stage, there are only two options available - 1. carry on playing and living life to how you’ve always been doing, OR, 2. make a strategic substitution and change your mindset on healthy living! Substitutions aren’t easy, especially when you’ve developed a system for yourself that you’re comfortable with, but sometimes we just need to be bold enough to make that change…for the better!

Weight Loss Tips This week’s edition is slightly more personal. The Man V Fat team has collated a couple of life-changing stories from players across the leagues and have compiled a collection of players’ stories. I believe that most of you can relate to some of these stories so please have a read when you get the chance to! Otherwise, we’ve got a few inspirational stories of our own so please feel free to ask them and I’m pretty sure the lads won’t mind sharing with you their own weight loss journey.

Weight Loss

Interesting to note that Distant Waterways (RED) has overtaken the dominant Bull Dozers in terms of weight loss. Well done lads! Two more weeks left, could we see some late drama in the weight loss department of this league?!

Hatrick Heroes
Please join me in congratulating the Hatrick Heroes for this week…

  • 1 2 Many Darryls (White) - David Ashley (for a record 3rd time might I add).

  • Black Sabbath F.C. (Black) - Scott Rose.

  • Code Blue (Blue) - Greg O’Donahue, Kerren Nash, Terry Eason.

  • Distant Waterways (Red) - Steve Tate.

A special shoutout to David Ashley for achieving a record third hatrick this season for weight loss. UNREAL! Another special shoutout to Code Blue (BLUE) for three hatrick heroes this week!

End of Year Extravaganza :partying_face: For those who were dying to see me unleash my inner-Ronaldo&Messi, this is the time! I’ll be playing in the Man V Fat staff team and we’re hoping to face some of the very best from the Vic Park League! Just to recap the details:

  • WHEN - 18th of December, 6.15pm to 7.45pm (TBC)
  • WHERE - UWA Riley Oval
  • WHY - Social games, Mark Lee (former Perth Glory player) will be present at the event, see Darryl’s skills, what other reasons do you need???
  • HOW - sign your team of 6 up by emailing the names to and our Coordinator, Brian, will be in touch. Please make sure all blokes are able to commit as pulling a team out will mess up the roster and it’ll be an administrative nightmare!

That’s all I have this week. Looking forward to finish the season on a strong note with a combination of strong performances on and off the field!

Coach Darryl