Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 4: Screw it, Let's Play!

Wow, what a night! Just when you thought you had it under control, something comes along and throws you a curveball. Many thanks to those who came down again, it is always a pleasure to catch up with you lads.

Must I write down my meal plans? :expressionless: As mentioned in the Info Night, this is a weight loss initiative and a large part of weight loss has to do with YOUR own diet. Well done to those that have consistently recorded your food intake, or have taken the initiative to present a meal plan to me on match nights! There is no one simple formula (we all wish it was that simple) as every one of us have different body types and demands. The only way that myself and Alex (Vic park LeisureLife Centre nutritionist), whom you guys would have met on Match Night, can advise you on your food consumption is if you detail down what you’ve had throughout the week. A handful of you are still very nonchalant about it, but please, can I appeal to you guys to have something written down! :pray: Ultimately, it’s for your benefit so please think long term lads! Alternatively, some of you have requested to record down your meal consumption on an app or on your phones, which I am more than happy to accommodate:)

Someone bring me the fire extinguisher! :man_firefighter::boom::fire: 4 weeks in and the competition is starting to get intense and sometimes a little bit…personal. This is not the Champions League or the Premier League, so we don’t have to play like our livelihood depends on it! It’s a friendly competition and whilst I do agree that a certain level of competitiveness should be encouraged, in the large scheme of things, it is still a weight loss program and the games are a platform for exercise and social cohesion. Hence, moving forward, let’s take it down a notch and play some football. If we wanted to, we would organised “Man V Fat Debate” or “Man V Fat MMA” but this is “Man V Fat Soccer” hey!

Weight Loss!

Here are the current standings so far! Special mention to the Yellow Team again for maintaining the highest combined weight loss so far in the league. As I recalled someone once saying “I might be really bad at soccer, but if I do my part in the weight loss department, at least I can say I have contributed to the team’s victory”.

That’s all I have for this week! Have a great weekend everyone and see you guys next Tuesday for Match Night Week 5!

Coach Darryl