Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 6: Consistency is Key!

I feel like the standard of football have gone up a notch this week! I sense a lot more desire and aggression to win possession and play the ball, but on some cases we’ve had some injuries along with it as well. Just to remind everyone that this is a friendly league and whilst it is a contact spot, let’s be wary of others around us.

I brought my handbook! But I didn’t fill in anything…:expressionless: I’ve seen a little bit of improvement in terms of recording down our food intake, but there is just a handful that is still not meeting the basic requirements. Again, can I appeal to everyone to note down your own food consumption and cultivate this habit in the interest of weight loss. Whether or not this is done manually in the logbook or on an app, it does not really matter as long as you have taken the initiative to record your meals down. With reference to the title of this post, consistency is key gentlemen!

Man, my body is sore! :tired_face: We’re almost at the halfway mark of the season, I’ve had a couple of players pull out from the league due to persistent injuries and fatigue. As much as I understand time is of the essence and everyone has families to go back to, but I would like to encourage a short post-game warm down or stretching to really cap off the night. This is very important for you guys to aid in recovery and it really conditions you each week to do a bit more exercise. Again, with reference to the title of this post, consistency is key! So can I appeal to everyone again, especially team captains to do a small warm down/stretching session after your games. I’d be more than happy to help out so feel free to reach out to me! Also, I’m also very encouraged by those players who are unable to play but still made the effort to come down for the weigh-in. Man V Fat is unique because you can still help your team out by scoring “goals” off the pitch as well, one such player has done that this week and it is truly inspiring to witness the joy on his face when he knew he has contributed to the team’s goal tally this week.

Weight Loss!

Here is what the weight loss numbers look like at the moment. The league has currently lost a combined effort of 131kg! A whooping result if you ask me and I dare say it is one of the best across all the Man V Fat leagues! Well done lads!

Hatrick Heroes :soccer:

  • 1 2 Many Darryls (White) - David Ashley.

  • Distant Waterways (Red) - Tony Palmer.

A special shoutout to David Ashley from “1 2 Many Darryls” as he has consistently lost weight since the league has started. A true example of consistency and a great resource to tap on in terms of weight loss, I’m sure David would be more than willing to share.

Hatrick Heroes (5% weight loss) Apart from the impressive feat of losing weight three times, these guys have done so with a margin of losing more than 5% of their body weight. Well done guys!

  • Bulldozers (Yellow) - Adam Uren, Ben Adams.

Bulldozers have been consistently smashing the scales this season, Adam and Ben are two of those that have been consistently losing weight throughout the past six weeks and it’s just amazing to track their progress week in week out. Well done gents and I hope you’ll continue to push on and finish the rest of the season as strongly as you started!

That’s it from me. Have a great weekend everyone and see you all next Tuesday for Match Night Week 7, officially the halfway through the season!

Coach Darryl