Man V Fat Vic Park - Week 9: Let's Play, Let's lose some fat!

WEEK 9! I can’t believe it’s been 9 incredible weeks of weight loss and soccer, how time flies! very soon we’ll be on the last game of the season before the end of year extravaganza! Again, for those who have yet to make a conscious effort in changing, it is never too late to start and you’ll be surprised that small steps go a very long way!

Weight Loss Tips As mentioned last week, we have some amazing resources here at Man V Fat to share with you guys. Last week’s article was focused on some weight loss tips, this week’s scope is more on healthy food swaps! Please do check it out if you can spare a couple of minutes!

Weight Loss! Here are the stats after Tuesday’s weigh-in! We’ve got some pretty impressive weight loss record this week for some reason! I’m so excited to share with you guys! Keep scrolling through!

Hatrick Heroes As mentioned, we’ve got some impressive results across the board! Please join me in congratulating this week’s hatrick heroes!

  • 1 2 Many Darryls (White) - David Ashley, Andrew Jones, Sam Laybutt.

  • Bull Dozers (Yellow) - Siggy Ingolfsson.

  • Distant Waterways (Red) - Gerard Hampton, Steve Tate.

  • Green Machine (Green) - Alex Gvozden, Stefan Golicki, Craig Myatt.

Can I just give a massive Man V Fat shoutout to Mr David Ashley from “1 2 Many Darryls (White)” who has been a consistent performer in terms of weight loss. David weighed in 118.6kg on Info Night and he is currently at 103.6kg on the scales, losing a whooping 15kg in the span of 9 weeks. WHAAAAAT?!

More Weight Loss! - 5% Weight Loss As I mentioned, we have some amazing results this week with a number of you losing 5% weight loss! Please join me in congratulating…

  • Distant Waterways (Red) - Daniel Morrison.

  • Green Machine (Green) - Matt Thompson.

Just a note as well that Dan from “Distant Waterways (Red)” is the only player this week to score a hatrick AND lose 5% weight loss, so well done Dan! In addition, a special shoutout to “Distant Waterways (Red)” as a team who had 7/8 players that weighed-in, lose weight this week! Amazing results guys! Please keep it up!

End Of Year Extravaganza :partying_face: For those who were dying to see me unleash my inner-Ronaldo&Messi, this is the time! I’ll be playing in the Man V Fat staff team and we’re hoping to face some of the very best from the Vic Park League! Just to recap the details:

  • WHEN - 18th of December, 6.15pm to 7.45pm (TBC)

  • WHERE - UWA Riley Oval

  • WHY - Social games, Mark Lee (former Perth Glory player) will be present at the event, see Darryl’s skills, what other reasons do you need???

  • HOW - sign your team of 6 up by emailing the names to and our Coordinator, Brian, will be in touch. Please make sure all blokes are able to commit as pulling a team out will mess up the roster and it’ll be an administrative nightmare!

Thanks again guys! Have a great weekend ahead and see you all next Tuesday for Match Night Week 10!!!

Coach Darryl