Man Vs Fat fitbit group/weekly challenge

Hi i was looking at setting up Man Vs Fat weekly fitbit challenge. Im just wondering how many players of mvf use fitbits and would be interested ?

Not a player but happy to join any challenge :+1:t2:

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been looking into fitbits as need a new tracker thing, are they any good, which one would you recommend?

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I’ve a flex 2 as it was cheap at the time but I’m looking into a charge 3 soon hopefully. As long as they track steps and are waterproof that are good for me. And the app is easy to use

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Hi like to join in the Fitbit weekly challenge thanks , I am not a player, thanks

I’d be in :+1:t2:

I don’t even know how to add people. If anyone does my email is for the Fitbit

I’d join. need to charge my fitbit and get it used again :slight_smile:

I bought an inspire hr last week. Waterproof and has heart rate built in. Easy to use app.

If people post their email address they used to register their fitbits, il create a man v fat group :+1:t2:

Let’s do it for my Fitbit mate please :+1:t2:

Why not wont say no to a bit of friendly motivation to do some steps,

I’m in​:+1::blush:

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I would be happy to join in on any challenge also, although as aa dedicated technophobe I am unsure how to add folks too!

Let’s get something set up

Did this kick off. ?
If need be add me lads and I can set up the weekly and weekend challenges :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:If

Matt set up a group for mvf