Manchester league?

Does anybody know if Manchester/Salford has a waiting list?

I don’t know, but I’ve just joined the Salford league and been directed to their page. It says the registration day is the 12th October and it starts on the 19th October.

So I was just presuming that they are mid league now and I’ll be on the next one… hope that’s correct?

Thanks for that information

Or maybe it’s a new league just starting? Probably should have properly checked it out before joining! But yeah, 12th to register and 19th to play apparently.

Manchester league does have a waiting list unfortunately, but the Salford league is a new one starting in October, so there’s no waiting list. Looking forward to seeing you guys getting involved! :grinning:

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If there’s a waiting list for Manchester could I not join the Salford one as I don’t even know where I am on the waiting list