Manchester New joiner



Morning guys. I want to join the Manchester league, just a little nervous about it all. How did you overcome that problem of just getting there. I do love the concept of playing football while losing weight. Plus what is the waiting time to play your first game? Thanks


Hi mate, welcome.

Don’t be nervous, everyone who’s joined has been in your position, it’s a great community, not only do the guys on your team support you but the guys from the other teams too.

I’m not sure what’s happening in Manchester but your coach should be in touch with you to allocate you to a team hopefully in the not so distant future.

Best of luck with everything!


Don’t worry Danny, first night nerves are to be expected! Dan B who runs that league has been a MvFF player and lost a good lot of weight as well. Some of the lads who have been in that league have put their own stories into the Case Studies - - Search for Manchester to find them!