Manchester Tournament

Hi guys, we had a few questions on the Manchester tournament in the summer.

Firstly, when’s the sign up and is it literally just first to sign up gets in?
Also, do we need to know the names of our players when signing up (we have a couple of maybes and need to know when they need to confirm 100%)
Is it £10 per team or £10 per man
I just thought I’d put the questions on a forum, hope that’s okay @MvFFootballHelp. I know a lot of it is still to be announced we just want to make sure our team are ready for sign up as we don’t want to miss out, I can see the spaces going quick!

Hi, we will ensure that we will give out a full breakdown forum post of how players sign up, how the teams are arranged and the costs involved.


Hi, any ideas as to when, and will we definitely have the info by the sign up date or will you just drop the sign up and all the info on the same day?

We were thinking the same here too, we want to try and get two teams entered if we can but several players are just maybes at the moment, acn we just register a team under a players name and put the names of the players as TBC if we don’t know for definite who they are? Is there going to be a way to change the names of players if anyone has to drop out?
Also will there be a consolidated rules list published before we get there on the day?
We know that some leagues play different rules due to where/when they play but am thinking of head height, pass backs, GKs kicking/throwing/rolling the ball etc… Am sure there will be others too

All very vague at the moment isnt it mate. Not a problem I don’t mind being patient as long as we don’t miss out lol… Want to give our players in my team highest priority but not sure when to put as a cut off…

we are gathering names now, basically to see how many players from our league want to play, we will then have to wait and see how many teams we need, and then how many we can get registered
Then we will just split the players between the teams, obviosuly if we can only enter one then the players will have to be drawn out of a hat I guess,
To be honest at the moment we are more in to arranging 11 a-side games against other Man v Fat teams so doing the 6 a-side tournment will be a change, the facilities look/sound amazing though, so am sure whoever gets to go there will thoroughly enjoy it

Awaiting too… team ready to go

I’m the same I’ve had a few maybes from my team but I was thinking could I sign up and go myself and join another team while I’m there just for the tournament?

Would be nice to know what’s happening so we can arrange travel up to Manchester

We need to arrange travel, accomodation etc… sooner the better really.

Yeah we are the same down in Cardiff, we are unsure what to expect as it’s all new to us still but really need to get on to arrange the details like transport, kit, money and that and of course can’t start till we know if we are in or not.
I know it’s a good 6 weeks away but lads need to arrange A/L, childcare & soften the other halves up as well. lol

I hope MvF get the details and team recruiting sorted ASAP, but like so many others we would like to take 3 sides up as well. Personally I think MvF should have offered a slot to every league so everyone has a chance to take at least one side from their town/city rather than a free for all as my worry is say (off the top of my head) Doncaster take 2 or 3 sides and say Solihull (for example) miss out on taking 1 side. I find that unfair.
Then once every league has had the chance to take at least one side each then make the option for a 2nd side a ‘free for all’ to fill the remaining spaces. But that’s my opinion & to be honest not many people agree with my opinions.

How is evening arranging their sides if they get in? (Picking the best players and going to win, taking whoever wants to go and not care about winning, going up in your leagues teams ect… ) In the MvF 11a side WhatsApp chat I know a few have towns said they’re picking players to win, but would be good to know wider leagues thoughts on this.

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Personally going to win and I hope the rest of the boys on my team feel the same, but either way it’ll be a good day out… I also agree with what you said about let every league enter one team then a free for all after that

i agree, one team per league should be a minimum, then at the end of that registration whatever spaces are left are open to anyone who wants to go, you could end up with 4, 5, 6 or maybe more teams from one league getting places and other leagues not getting any, put the registration out to each of the league organisers or PMs and advise them that one team from each location is guaranteed a place and then it is up to each league to sort out their entry,
Leave that registration open for a few days for everyone to have chance to submit a team, once that window closes however many spaces are left go on general release

anymore updates on this yet ?

They are controlling the page as they already took down my comment m, which is strange considering I didn’t write anything bad I thought! Just truthful. Not surprised!

Surely they must know what’s going on and have it booked for them to send out emails regarding the tournament,

i think all the logistics are in place for the actual tournament, we are just waiting for the registration to open now, would have hoped everything else would be in place apart from knowing the teams that are playing

Wish they would hurry up as coming from London I’d like to sort train tickets now while they are a decent price

Mind you its nearly a month away now. Time is sticking…

Exactly. kits to sort out and travel, can’t do anything though because we don’t even know if we’ve got a space