Mandurah Man V Fat League | Week 12

Man v Fat Mandurah League Week 11: One step at a time

Hey guys, hope you’re all holding up well after monday night’s games! Cheers to everyone who helped to make up the numbers, hopefully you can all still walk.

Just wanted to point out that so far all of you blokes combined have lost a total of 186kg!!! A crazy amount of weight between you all and it just goes to show that all of the hard work is paying off!

Quick shout out to all the players that have joined the 5% club, so far this season we’ve got,
Blue Ballers- David Sturgeon, Martin Clayton, Mike Arjan, Nathan Edwards, Terence McLaughlan and Toko(Tokz) Tipene.
Burnley Calorie- Martin Salmon, Marvin Van Der Merwe and Paul Harrickie.
Dark Knights- James Marshall.
FB United- Nathan Jones and Nathan Taylor
Team No Subs- Aarom Salder
Now onto the 10% Hall of famers, both representing the white team (Burnley Calories) we have Dave Taylor and Peter South. These guys are killing it! Each week they’ve managed to lose weight, even if it was only a few hundred grams, it all added up in the end. Make sure to give all these guys a big round of applause and to ask them for their weight loss tips and tricks.

I’ve noticed a few of you fellas have been struggling with keeping the weight off over the last couple of weeks, I understand that it can be difficult due to personal circumstances such as work and other commitments, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your teammates or me if you need help in losing those Kgs! One simple suggestion I would make is to try swapping out soft drinks for water, it was the first step i took when i started out and I noticed a huge difference in only a couple of weeks. One step at a time can sometimes be the best approach to a better diet/lifestyle.

Below is an extremely helpful MANvFAT cheat sheet with even more healthy alternatives! (Cheers Brian & UWA team!)

With all that being said, make sure to enjoy your weekend and get keen for next weeks games! - Ash T

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