Mandurah Man V Fat League | Week 13 | Mandurah Boys Bring The Noise

Hey fellas, hope you’re all feeling fresh after last night’s games!
Great work on and off the field this last month, you guys have been killing it and it’s all starting to show! Once again, big thanks to all the guys that help sub, helping out the other teams while also increasing your fitness is a win win!

We’ve got 1 week left of this season and the weight loss total is now at 196kg! We’re on track to smash the 200kg milestone so make sure to keep up the hard work over the final stretch :muscle:

Euan McKenzie, welcome to the 5% club! The small changes you’ve made each week have paid off!! On top of that we have plenty of hat tricks this week, shout outs to: Jordan and Ray (Team No Subs), Ash, James and Roger (Dark Knights), Dave and Martin (Burnley Calories), David, Mike, Ryan and Tokz (Blue Ballers), Adam Hillier (Banana Peel), Nathan Taylor (FB United). Solid effort scoring those extra points for your team, make sure to keep up the good work :clap::clap:

As most of you have figured out by now, when trying to lose weight it mainly comes down to what you’re eating. I’m extremely lazy so when i started out i needed something that was cheap and convenient. After work i was usually too tired to cook and found myself getting takeaway for dinner most nights of the week. Meal prepping on a sunday arvo for an hour or so helped me to not only eat a lot healthier but also save some extra coin. If anyone feels they are facing a similar problem i highly recommend planning your meals ahead of time to help insure you stay on the right track.

Here’s a link to some mean salad recipes for the those trying to keep things interesting. (Waylan and Tokz I’m expecting some good results)

Make sure to check out this weeks MANvFAT cheat sheet to help with any goals you might have!

Keep up the good work guys and just remember, Mandurah Boys Bring The Noise :clap::clap::clap: