Mandurah ManVFat League post

Hey guys, Hope you’re all having a good one!

Usually I give you all individual tips and tricks each week but since we’ve been hit with both lockdown and a public holiday I thought it might be a little easier to post up on here.

When It comes to weight loss it’s all about burning more energy (calories) than you consume in a day and then doing it consistently (every other day).

80% of the booklets I read each week look great! Most of them are filled in with a good variety of foods that you all seem to enjoy. My best suggestion for those of you that are struggling, would be to start making small easy changes that you know you’ll be able to stick to and will add up over time e.g. reducing meal portion sizes, swapping to low carb alcohol, not drinking as much, not buying takeaway as often, finding healthy takeaway alternatives / swapping the large zinger stacker burger box with a mountain dew to a regular zinger burger meal with a water. :rofl:

Make sure to stay on track guys and don’t forget about the nutrition side of weight loss.

If you have any questions regarding fitness or nutrition that you would like answered, please feel free message me on whatsapp :call_me_hand:

Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully i see you next Monday.

-Ash T