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hello all,

Is there anyone on this forum who cycles and lives in the London area. I’m a keen cyclist who has taken a break from it, but would like to get back in the saddle. Maybe meet at Richmond park early Saturday’s for a couple of laps before the cars take over? Who’s up for this? Raise your hands!!

Can I bump this for the Northwest Area as well (LIverpool Manchester Warrington Wigan Etc :smile: :bicyclist:

If we could make it regional that would great.

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I’m fairly sure there are - keep bumping it (within reason) or better yet plan something and that’s when people will rally round.

We had some cycling offers for London (to try out some new velodrome I think). If you’re interested I can put these together for the MVF London CC?

that would be great. Im happy to lead rides. any takers, Msg me

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Ok - do you want to put a date on it and a route and I’ll circulate it through the site and social media.

Now look what you’ve got yourself involved in :slight_smile:

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Heres the deal. Im going to ride a few laps of Richmond Park on Saturday 21st nov. meet at Roehampton gate 7am. leisurely ride. have a coffee and a chat after. Need to be home by 10. so a good couple of hours riding.

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Nice one @Mikese13 now you are cooking :slight_smile: I hope you get a tonn of guys turning up and have a cracking time.

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@Mikese13 You’ll have to let us know how you get on , I’m going to sort something for The Norrthwest it’s sort of like a ParkRun for cyclist lol

More to follow

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Hi, did this ever get going?