MANvFAT Cool Foods


Wanted to start building a list of foods that people think deserve recognition. One post per food (no replies, questions etc) to keep it as neat as possible. Will be too long for a wiki post.

If you have a food you have found then share it. This post will operate a room101 policy. If false claims for the food are made, then it is out. If it is fake healthy (then it’s downsides, such as sweeteners should be identified) or it is out.

A post should include a picture of the product, a brief description of the product and what you think is good/bad about it. A score out of five for taste, usefulness, and healthy and an overall score. Be harsh in scoring. The scores will be moderated to keep them roughly in line with each other.

For taste, consider would everyone like it, not just you. For healthy, consider both calorie content, nutritional value, sugar/salt/bad fats of any form etc. For usefulness, does it have a function, maybe adding protein, as a substitute, for satiety of hunger etc.

There will be a few examples below to follow as a style :smile: - Stick to the templates style as much as possible to make it a neat page to read (I will tidy up where needed).


Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drink

A high protein diet is recommended to help build muscle and lose body fat. Yet try as I might, it is very difficult to get your protein levels high enough without adding lots of calories. Welcome to Upbeat High Protein Dairy Drink.

Now of course those familar with muscle building products will often buy very very large bottles of powder which they turn into a milkshake. These may be their little cousin.

Low in fat, only 150 calories but packing an impressive 20g of protein, almost a third of your RDA and lower in sugar than most fruit drinks, they can be a perfect way to get extra protein in your body.

Now the taste is a little like strawberry yogurt. Not being a fan of yogurt, it is not perfect for me and the strawberry puree has just a little too much sharp bite for my liking. If you are a fan of actimel/yakult like product, then I think you will like Upbeat.

However, they are without a doubt a very easy simple way to get extra protein.

Taste - 3/5
Usefulness - 3/5
Health - 3/5

Overall - 3/5 - Maybe I am biased because I don’t like Yogurt. They might be a 4/5 for some people. Anyway, they are definitely worth a try.


Cook OMG Pots

Life on the fast diet is pretty miserable for most people two days a week.
Life on miso soup, tea without milk, no snacks, and the constant pang of hunger. Just the whiff of a bacon sandwich, the sweet smell of a lovely coffee or dare I say it even the cheap smell of a Subway gets you excited but is a painful reminder of the low calorie intake
So going home to cook from your recipe book, whilst maybe your partner is having a normal meal, is the last thing you want to do.
Ready made meals are a poor solution.
Takeaway is an absolute no-no.

Snacking on fruit, or small snacks like chocolate is a bad path.
What’s this.
OMG Pots from Cook

Sure, they got the obligatory Miso broth but they also have

Paella Pot with Chicken, Chorizo, peppers and peas
King Prawn Miso Broth with Noodles
Thai Style Chicken Patties
Caribbean Chicken with Rice and Beans
Chicken Noodle Laksa
Pad Thai
Sweet Chilli Chicken
Thai Butternut Squash Soup
Prawn Tom Yum
Japanese Salmon
Moroccan-Spiced Chicken
Middle Eastern Lamb Koftas

There are even a few others. All deciously cooked the same way you would do at home. All under 400 calories, some as low as 200. 6 minutes in the microwave, freezeable. They are a god send as a product for people on both the fast diet, but also other diets.

They have only a few shops, but they do also deliver. Worth stocking up on these. Just finished off a Sweet Chilli Chicken, really satisfying.

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 5/5

Overall - 5/5 - A true 5 star product


Hartleys 10 Calorie Jelly

A perfect snack for 5:2 diet. At only 10 calories, it feel substantial.

Whilst it is impossible to avoid the taste of Aspartame and Acesulphame (sweetners) in the product. It is available in three flavours which are strong enough to create their own lovely Jelly taste.

Sure real Jelly is better, but as a 10 calories snack, it is hard to beat.

Taste - 3/5
Usefulness - 4/5
Health - 2/5

Overall - 2.5/5 - A good tasting Jelly at only 10 calories as a snack on a low-calorie diet, but a no-no for people who don’t like sweeteners.


Nakd Bakewell Tart

This is a snack. No doubt about it. An alternative to a chocolate bar. At 135 calories, and packed full of raisins, dates and cashews, you would be hard pressed to put this in the healthy category.

But wow does it taste nice and does offer a lower calorie alternative to usual options.

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 2/5
Health - 2/5

Overall - 3/5 - A winner on taste, but almost so good you might end up eating more than one.


The Humble Egg

No branding, comes in its own packaging, can be cooked in many different ways. Egg consumption has fallen for the last sixty years, and the cholesterol and heart disease scare has not helped it. It is a perfect example of how we get advice on foods often wrong.

But eggs are good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacking. In fact they are just ‘good’. Over time they have actually been getting nutritionally better, smaller quantities of saturated fats and cholesterol and increased selenium and vitamin D.

Don’t let their lack of brand stop you from eating them.

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 4.5/5

Overall - 5/5 - Pretty much a five. Only some minor health downsides, and the upsides probably outweigh it. And you can boil them, poach them, scramble them etc etc etc. And at 77 calories per egg, you can eat them quite happily.


Cherry tomatoes.

60 calories per punnet. Great for snacking or adding to meals

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 5/5

Overall - 5/5


Dark chocolate and chilli is supposed to be good for you
There are Five individually wrapped bars in each cardboard sleeve. Each bar weighs 25g
I personally buy the chilli ones and they contain 134cal per bar. Just enough to kill a chocolate craving and has a minimum coco solid of 52%
The chocolate and chilli packs a punch that your taste buds can savour for quite some time with out getting a sugar after craving.
Sold by ALDI and only £1.19 a pack, it’s well worth having in the house as a grown up alternative to woolfing down the kids sweets when they are in bed.

This chocolate is award winning.
Each bar combining the finest smooth dark chocolate with an intriguing, balancing flavour- Just choose from Mint, Chilli or Orange
Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecthin; Lactose, Natural Flavouring, Vanilla Extract. Chilli Extract.
Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 52% minimum.

Other Information:
Contains soya and milk
May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts
Suitable for vegetarians

Nutritional Values:
Typical Values per 100g
Energy 2277kJ/547kcal
Protein 4.5g
Carbohydrate 51.5g
Carbohydrate of which Sugars 48.3g
Fat 34.4g
Fat of which Saturates 20.9g
Fibre 6.5g
Sodium Trace
Salt Equivalent Trace

Taste 5/5
Usefulness 3/5
Health 2/5
Overall 3.5/5


Lasts for ever. Calorific values, tend to vary depending on where it has been harvested. Kitchen Dust has a higher fat and sugar content.
Good to take to parties as it tends to last all night. Allows you to feel virtuous when discussing your personal diet with other Fat people.
Super slimming and can be added to any dish to reduce its overall calorie count.
Comes in an ever increasing range of flavours. Flavours currently in the range are Windscreen Flavour, TV Flavour, Top of Door Flavour and Mother-in-Law inspection Extra Special Flavour.
Cost per 100g Free. (unless you employ a cleaner to harvest it for you)

Nutritional Values:

Typical Fictitious Values per 100g
Energy (unknown but it could contain the odd lost Betta Blocker)
Protein 4.5g to 20.6g (depends where the dust comes from)
Carbohydrate 5g
Carbohydrate of which Sugars 0.3g
Fat 0.4g
Fat of which Saturates 0.1 g
Fibre 72. 5g
Sodium Trace
Salt Equivalent Trace

Taste: 0/5
Usefulness 0/5
Heath -20/5
Overall … Nasty but VERY slimming


Skinnylicious soups. Got sent a load last week to try and they’re brilliant. Tasty, low in fat, low in calories and not full of fake rubbish. Just those great tasting soups that you’d make for yourself if you had time to make soups.

Taste - 4/5 - the Dahl one was ace. Some are really spicy.
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 4/5

Overall - 4/5


Started to substitute courgette noodles for spaghetti. They have a very similar textures. The appliance cost £19.99 so not too bad.

Tesco also sell it without the device, but of course that costs more over the long term.

Taste - 4/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 5/5

Overall … 5/5



Cauliflower is often a ‘misunderstood’ vegetable, as it’s often consumed just in its plain form (steamed or boiled) which is rather bland.
Cauliflower is low in fat, low in carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber, folate, water, and vitamin C.
The potential of cauliflower is as an ingredient.

Roasted cauliflower
Either whole or chopped, roasted in an oven (45 mins 180C) as you would a potato - e.g.: extra virgin olive oil, garlic,parsley, topped with grated parmesan.

Cauliflower 'rice’
This is a great replacement for ‘normal’ rice and it is very quick to make.
Blitz cauliflower in a food processor to the consistency of rice. This serves as a base for many dishes. It can be steamed, boiled or added to softened leeks/onions/mushrooms/sundried tomatoes etc etc for a quick side dish.

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 5/5

Overall - 5/5

“Cauliflower rice was a revelation to us this summer - its fab” - MikeN



What is it? I really don’t know. It’s a grain of some sort that you put into milk and it sort of goes off and then you drink the strained milk.

That sounds gross. It totally does. I’d tend to think of kefir as an ingredient in a smoothie, rather than a delicious drink on its own, although I have to say it does grow on you. And probably in you.

Why bother with it? Kefir is all about the probiotics and making your gut healthier. It does seem to have a positive effect on bowel health and general well being (vague as anything I know). It’s also high in protein, B Vitamins and calcium.

My view is that you stick a shot of it in your smoothie and you know that you’ve done right by your gut that day.

Taste - 1/5
Usefulness - 3/5
Health - 4/5


Had to add this one to the list:

This is delicious pork jerky - not something I’ve seen much before and it’s a step above the usual stringy shoe leather that passes for beef jerky. Much more tender but still with that satisfying chewiness. It’s not for every diet (quite high in carbs and fat) but at only 125 calories per bag, it’s a great stop gap that really does fill you up.

Taste - 4/5
Usefulness - 4/5
Health - 3/5
Overall - 3.5/5 - great product for drivers or anyone who wonders what a low calorie snack is that is real food which stands a chance of filling you up.


Liked these so much I bought 5 of each type for £1 each in Asda. More calorific than your average soup, but a proper meal in itself. High in protein, thick & tasty.

Taste - 5/5
Usefulness - 5/5
Health - 4/5

Overall - 5/5


ALDI Slim Well Lasagne

Absolutely brilliant if, like me, lasagne is one of your favourite foods. I pair it with a big bowl of salad and at 420kcal for a big 550g portion it is very tasty. The salad I use is the ALDI sweet and crunchy salad (that says serves 4 340g and 92kcal) simply dressed with vinegar, salt and a few turns of the pepper mill. This meal is a go to at least once a week. This isn’t going to compete with a homemade, cheesy, gooey lasagne but let’s be honest, slathering that with its final topping of cheese probably takes 420 calories in itself (if not more!!!)

For me it is a meal I can use if short on time, if running out of calories (too large a lunch, piece of cake in the staff room etc) or what I normally do is to have one or two days midweek with meals like this that pay for me to have a slightly more extravagant weekend.

Taste 4/5
Usefulness 5/5
Health 3.5/5 (not sure what preservatives may be in it etc)

Overall 4/5


Homemade. Also 420 calories.

5% fat beef mince, chopped tomatoes, onions, mushrooms & butternut squash.

6 portions in a Pyrex dish & I even cheated with Dolmio red & white sauces, and lower fat cheddar on the top.

So to be honest, this could have been more low calorie than it was… Give it a go.