Manvfat football Oldbury week 8 5% club new member👏



Well done to Jonathan Stanaway of cereal killers for achieving his 5% weight loss tonight great achievement and consistent weight loss each week. Pushing himself with extra exercise and park runs aswell as the food changes making.

Welcome to the league to Robert page and welcome back after a break to Abdullah Fadhel, ade wall Hayes and Dayle Gerard.

The topic picked up tonight was a looking for the mojo to kickstart routine after Christmas. Everyone I spoke to who is looking to make the changes know what they need to do and that they need to do something which is a good place to be.
Next is having the want to make those changes and spend a bit of time food preparing and batch cooking rather than grab the easy quick option of what is put in front of us.
Weekend is perfect for this please spend a bit of time looking at recipes and share what you create as could help a team mate too.
Please have a look at the attached

Weight loss team of the week this week in reverse order:
1/Neil Hodgetts 1.5kg weight loss and Matthew Maries 1.5kg Weight loss
2/Sean Derrington 1.5kg weight loss
3/luke stamps 1.6kg weight loss
4/Samuel burns 1.8kg weight loss
5/Neil spencer 2kg weight loss
6/Chris Parkes 2.2kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season at week 8 in reverse order
1/Chris Brookes 4.8kg weight loss
2/Steven Leonard 6.4kg weight loss
3/neil Hodgetts 7kg weight loss
4/Jonathan Stanaway 7kg weight loss
5/Samuel burns 8.8kg weight loss
6/Sean Derrington 10.5 kg weight loss

Player shout outs from Captains and vice captains for this week:
Cereal killers Aaron Bragan another weight loss and outstanding performance on pitch never stopped
Real Madras Ben Thomas for being mr consistent on the pitch
Porky blinders neil Hodgetts for a great goal on the pitch to top off a good week on the scales

Currently we have 73 players in the league a great position to be in.
Despite Christmas we are averaging 2kg weight loss per player over the season
We currently have 15 players over start weight which is linked to recovery following on from Christmas and new year.
Weight loss per team as at week 8
Bayern munchies 15.2 kg
Cereal killers 30.9kg
Flabletico Madrid 21.2kg
Ivory toast 6kg
Porky blinders 25.4kg
Real Madras 19.2kg weight loss
They think it’s moldova 12.2kg weight loss

Please if you haven’t already can you fill in the change team survey I sent last Friday helps with planning for new season

In the individual weight loss goals we have a leader well done Steven Leonard a good battle ahead for next 6 weeks
With some good weight loss goals being scored consistently

An interesting week ahead with flabletico and cereal killers who are both chasing the weight loss league winners going head to head which will not only impact the weight loss league but could prove the difference in the overall result too