ManvFat Football - Warrington

Hey there everyone,

Does anyone have any idea how to find out how close a league is to start? I’m on the waiting list for one but just curious how far we are the magical 30


I live in warrington and certainly interested… where is the league likely to be held and what nights?

No idea on either sorry but if I were to make a guess it would probably be Vicky Park just off bridge foot. And if you wanna join preregistration for the league haha, get it started quicker!

Already signed up :+1:t2:

Sweet! Only a maximum of 28 to go then :joy::joy:

Just read about this for the first time today. Sounds like a really good way to get some much needed exercise. Are there many waiting for a Warrington league?

I confess I was rubbish at football even when I was a skinny kid - many years ago!

Don’t worry so was I haha.

Emailed the other week and they said they had 20 people already I believe and need 30 to run it. So hopefully soon! Keep my weight loss going in the right direction (as lets be honest. The gym is the most boring place on earth haha)

I recently signed up. hopefully it wil start soom

I am interested in joining the Warrington league. I live in Widnes, so I am not too far away! Please keep me posted of any developments.

I’m registered too. Fingers crossed we can get going soon.

I’ve just signed up too. :+1:

Reckon we’ll be ready to go now lads! Bring on September!

Is there any update yet do we know?