ManvFat Kit Custom Crest


Hi guys,
After waiting 2 weeks from ordering our kits, we have just found out they are not going to process the order due to the image being ‘too lo-res’.
Wondering if there are any photoshop experts in here who can advise on a template to use in Photoshop to create the highest quality image, as the image previously created met all the “minimal” requirements on the artwork guideline page inc. file extension, size, dpi and transparent sections.
Many thanks in advance!


To be fair it had a photo in the badge and it’s pretty difficult to print those on a garment. It took us longer to come back as we tried to make it work a few different ways to give you what was ordered but it’s sadly not possible. We always try our best to make badges work but we’re stymied by the tech sometimes.

Have you looked at something like these to design a crest Canva is very good too.
As soon as you get it across to us we’ll turn it around as fast as possible.


To be fair to you that’s a brilliant response, maybe a few more guidelines on the artwork page would have helped. If I had known photos weren’t replicable on a shirt then I could have gone down a different design route. We’ll look into the sites you posted. Many thanks!


Does the shop sell morale patches, with a velcro backing? I have a backpack I use daily. I wouldn’t mind picking up a patch for it.