ManVFat other than footy!

Just joined and love the site. Determined to get fitter and lose weight! Would like to maybe join some sort of sport group. Are there any alternatives to the footy (weird as I am I don’t like footy lol). Wondered if there were any ManVFat touch rugby or something ?

Nothing like that yet. If there was I’d possibly be up for it too.

If they did a touch rugby game, I would love to be involved even in the organisation of it. I’m yet to play the football waiting for a space but I was signing up for the football to get fitter to play rugby.

Personally I’d settle for ManvFat without the football or anything else. Just the original premise of a place to go, weigh in, maybe to talk to somebody if you need help with weightloss and then go. Without being told you should stay around for the matches when you don’t actually play and standingfor more than a few minutes is immensely painful. But then somebody kind of summed it up last year when their reply to a post was “ManvFat Football, clue is in the title”.

Suh a shame because as good as Weight Watchers turned out to be I had way more success in MvF.