MANvsFAT newcomer Salford, manchester

Hi, I have just joined and can’t wait to get going! I have joined the Salford league and I understand there is a wait list. I hope it isn’t too long! Does anyone have an idea when I can get playing?

Hi James,

Your coach @Stunorm will get in touch once you can be allocated into a team, hopefully it should not take too long to get you started!

Just signed up myself to the Salford League, a bit nervous as not played for a very long time

Just waiting to join a team, what do I need to bring with me when I start playing?

Looking forward to getting involved!

Hey Marc, Welcome to MvF Salford. I’m sure Stu (the coach) will be in touch soon with your team. It’s registration week this week, so no league game but we usually have a kick about after Stu does all the ‘housekeeping’ and you get weighed in. The we usually have a pre-season kick about. I’d say come with kit, boots, and shin guards.
Think everyone is nervous at first but after the first few weeks you’ll soon see how friendly and relaxed it all is, then you’ll get in to the swing of it again!
If you are on the look out for extra games we organise a hour long match on Tuesdays 7-8pm in Ardwick Power league pitch, and Sunday 9.30-10.30 on the same pitch as MvF play on. These aren’t organised by MvF but something a few of us set up for extra exercise. The Ardwick one cost £5 a week, and the Sunday £5 for two weeks, no commitment and all sorted through a couple of WhatsApp groups.
Look forward to seeing you in Salford this coming season.
Good luck buddy.

Hey everyone.

Just thought I’d say hi, as I’ll be coming down this season for the first time (Stu’s been great and kept me in the loop). Cheers for the reminder I need to buy some new shin pads (I’m guessing I’ve ever chucked them or they’ve grown feet and walked, not smelt them in a long time).

Just wondering how’s the parking there? The car park at the leisurely centre doesn’t look massive on the maps, so is it easy enough to park on the street? (I’ve lived up the other end of Ordsall lane in the past so I know the risks :wink: )

Catch you all Thursday