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Mark is well known across the group played with us from back in season 1 and is now a key part of ivory toast and was part of the engine room in our 11aside v Telford at the weekend.

Running shared on social media throughout the lockdown giving prompts to others to do the same, I felt it. When you felt alone in lockdown and know one of our guys is out running covering distance it spurs you on the do the same.

The below is a bit of an update I wanted to share on marks progess and celebrate his achievements of 9.5 stone loss overall.
Mark is now on countdown to celebrate his achievement with a sky dive if anyone wants to sponsor his dive please see the link below

When did you start your recent efforts?

Started in June 2020, had been in lockdown for 3 months and even though I had been trying to consciously not eat too much and exercise but as I wasn’t consciously tracking food I lost track and gained weight at a fast rate

Did this time feel any different to other times as we have all stopped and started previously ?

Yes I have previously done weight watchers and slimming world and although they were great and really helped, this time has felt better because I have been controlling it myself and whilst lockdown was going on and football wasn’t there I had to be aware of my calorie intake and because I have done it myself it has stuck a lot more

Did you have a plan of action ? What was it and have you adjusted it along the way?

My initial plan was to get my weight down in small chunks. At my heaviest I was 24stone and knew that my initial plan had to be to get under 20stone. I had planned cutting calories and starting to exercise more regularly. My initial plan was to keep myself at 1200 calories but when I started exercising I realised that wasn’t a realistic figure so I changed it to match with my exercise and ensure I wasn’t making myself ill or getting to a stage where I wasn’t enjoying it because I was too hungry so I dropped off the wagon

Have you set key milestones and rewards along the way?

20stone was my first milestone, which I managed to achieve close to my birthday, I went away for a week at that stage so allowed myself to enjoy within reason. Then with my exercising I had started running and was giving myself little perks to completing different distances and times. When I did my first 10km I got a new pair of trainers and when I completed my 5km under 30mins I brought myself some more running gear, new headphones etc. It’s been good to give myself little treats and not punishing myself all the way through

Was the sky dive something you always wanted to do and did it help your focus ?

I have always wanted to do a skydive but due to my weight I could never do it, so as soon as I got closer to the weight where I could do it, I booked it for 4 months away so it gave me a decent amount of time to get to the target weight but also to get used to a new way of life and eating etc so that it would stick after the sky dive is done

What things can you do now you struggled with before?

Exercise has become a part of my daily life where before it was a chore to do and would always be put off after doing something once I would just give up. Where now I exercise 4-5 times a week and am a lot more confident in myself, I no longer wear clothes that I have to wear because it was the only size in the shop that fits me. Now I’m able to actually have my own style and be confident in my clothes and body

Any advice to anyone else looking to achieve such brilliant results?

Take things slowly, don’t try and take it all off in one go. The weight didn’t just go on overnight so don’t expect it to come off overnight. You probably won’t be able to run 5km on day one, but that’s ok do as much as you can comfortably and then build on it.
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are on your own journey, others might lose more weight than you or run faster than you but you need to do it at your own pace, I’ve had weeks where I’ve thought I need to stop eating this week so I can lose that extra few kilo to beat someone on the scales but in the long run its detrimental. Just be proud of every lb you lose, remember 1lb a week is 52lb a year which is over 3 stone in a year and that is a great achievement. So just do things your way.
Also, if you are struggling and you need help always reach out for help, the lads in the league will always be there to give you the support and help you through


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