Meal deal replacements!


Alright boys, just a quick one. I have been shit with eating the last few weeks. Resulting in me putting weight on last weigh in. I was eating healthy teas but it’s my lunches that was the problem. If you’re like me and work sat down for a majority of the day, you will likely have access to a Sainsbury’s, Asda or whatever. I have been swapping my meals deals for two tubs of fruit. Cost the same £3, the difference it makes is incredible, I’m now eating one pot midday and using the other as a snack in the evening. Mon-fri. I’ve had one or two mishaps this week, pizza being one. But still looking at a 2kg loss this week. The difference the midday meal has made is insane. Highly recommend trading out the meal deals for fruit pots, no price difference and the weight flys off.

This is a example. Two pots cost me £3, same as a sandwhich, crisp and drink mealdeal.

Couldn’t recommend it more guys, this is what changed it all for me.


Thanks for sharing, I actually swapped my canteen lunch for a run of soup and fruit. I buy 5 tins on a Sunday and keep them in my drawer at work.

Work actually started a fruit fund too so I buy the office lots of fruit so I’m never short of a healthy snack


I prefer a microwave meal. The fruit is not enough intake & whilst you are losing impressively… I did the same, even lost 3kg one week… it is not sustainable long term.

Weightwatcher, Tesco Healthy Living & the new impressive one to add… Aldi SlimFree… £1 to £3 depending on what you buy… but you get a lot of food for your money…

Example Aldi do a Sweet Potato Curry (Very Hot) with no rice just the curry. 550g is a lot. But only 251 calories. For £2.


I’m with @Darren_Welch . Personally, I prefer the microwavable meals.

But thanks for showing us this!