Meal prep without freezer space?


I was just thinkin. My fridge freezer is 1 of them under counter type ones so the actual freezer bit isnot much bigger then a shoe box. Is there a way 2do meal prep if u dont hav much freezer space? Thank u


Depends on the portion I’d say. Get storage boxes small enough for the portions and you may get a few days anwyay. This is what we used to do. Have a lot you can eat in a few days and freeze what you can


Aye. Ill hav 2 test how many i get in. Not that am am exactly in2 stingey portions mind


You’ll know what you need. Having done food safety years ago I know about the 3 day rule for cooked food. So have it in fridge for 3 days but the rest has been frozen from day one. Easily get a week anyway. Depending on what ur putting away. I always get a week in the fridge of soup we do.


Aye. I hav a open minded view on best before dates, am not 1 for wasting food lol. Think ill make n freeze some soup


As long as you can fit it :wink:


Like anyone I’m in the mind set if I can anyone can. Make a batch. Freeze what you can. Then work from there.


Aye. See what fits. Scran the rest ha. If its healthy soup no harm done!


You could always freeze the main elements of your dish and serve it with a fresh side salad or vegetables which cook quickly?

Would save space and still make meal times quick and easy.


Good thinkin…reckon ill do bolonaise bulkd out with grated carrot. Can add pasta / jacket potato later


If space is really tight, you could either use the block method or zip lock bag method. Freezing foods in freezer bags inside a freezer container is a good idea. You can then remove the container once the food is frozen, keeping the frozen block of food. That way you need far fewer containers and the containers won’t be using any unnecessary space. You could probably get six or more meals in your shoebox freezer space.

Using good quality zip lock bags does the same job, but they can be expensive.


Sounds like a good idea. And fun like tetris