Meal Replacement Shakes/Bars


I’m looking for any recommendations on meal replacement bars or shakes that don’t give you the squirts or make you fart like a trooper.

I know it depends on the individual, i’ve tried popular brands, supermarket brands, sports/fitness brands, but they all seem to be heavy on sweeteners, and I think my guts hate sweeteners. Any recommendations would be very welcome


I’ve used Huel on-and-off for a while now.

Pros : easy to use. Not wildly expensive. Not too bad on the farts - certainly I haven’t experienced anything like what others have said about similar products.

Cons : tends to get a wee bit boring after a while

But, they do the job for a quick work commute breakfast and I rarely get hungry before lunch


Oh, and noticing your thing about sweeteners - they do an unsweetened version as well which might work better for you?


I hope you put this in all your online reviews. :joy:


Gonna be honest. Slimfast 230 calories.

Tin of tuna mixed with lettuce, tomatoes, etc and bit of lighter than light mayo 200 calories.

Nice Chinese chicken & veg stir fry around 230 calories.

Why do people go for the shakes & bars?


Thanks for the replies guys, i’ll give Huel a go.

Slimfast is the obvious choice, however it plays havoc with my guts. A lot of sources of info say you need to allow your digestive system time to adjust, but products with a lot of sweetener it seems there is no relent for me.

In an ideal world, i would make up a healthy meal, but with the nature of my work it’s not always convenient to tackle something with a knife and fork.


Yeah, it’s why DFS banned me from their site :wink:


Here’s a referral link, gets you a couple of quid off at least!

Good luck! I mix peanut butter / cacao powder / raspberries / strawberries etc in to keep from getting bored with it.
Another tip is that if you have a Nutribullet / other blender thing, make it the night before using that, and keep in the fridge - it gives it a slightly thicker smoother texture, so you aren’t drinking it thinking “this is just water with cardboardy stuff in it”.